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Joel Frieders

Light Music - Ocean's Daughter

Never heard of this band. Never want to stop listening to this fucking band. Never want bands to not sound like this fucking band.

Light Music sound exactly like Perry Farrell fronting Arcade Fire. But there isn't that slightly unstable vibe going on, or that feeling like the person you're watching perform is about to snap and fly into some tirade where you're altogether socially uncomfortable, sexually aroused and completely in the moment.

But there is that sense that the music is about to turn on you. Heading into something as a stationary, yet soaring majestic flying creature of some sort, battle drums soundtracking your fucking...

Whale Bones - The Seaside EP

I fucking love this band.

I love how raw and unfiltered everything sounds. I love how angry and virile and immature and fucking hopeful these fucking kids sound. 
While five songs isn't a terribly lengthy barometer with which to judge a band's possible spot on my mantle of favorite bands, the songs on The Seaside EP meld into each other so perfectly there's no...

The feather - Rays

Normally, I'm completely against fucking lyric videos. Mostly because I think it's a lazy way to release a music video, but also because I don't give a shit about what the actual lyrics are.

I'm a purist bro. If I think you said "take, these chicken wings, and learn to fry again" then that is what the fucking lyrics are bro. I don't need "TRUTH" to cloud my interpretation of art bro. Don't come at me like I got a flower pot head.

BUT, this new track from The feather is so genuinely gentle I would be an asshole if I didn't ask to take a peek in the bork notebook that first received such lyricism like the lyricism that is demonstrated on the track "Rays". Talk about fucking whimsy bro. The feather sound like a much more denim version of Balthazar meets Coldplay meets Lemon Jelly, and it's the type of shit that makes me want to fucking strip naked and just shake. 

Picture me naked. Picture me shaking bro. 

Now stalk this band and demand they become your best friends 

Nicsaan - Only Shadow (Cat Video)

Can we make this a thing?

Can every song I might not get into via streaming audio-only link come packaged in a cat video?

Nicsaan, you're a genius. Your cat is fucking awesome, and I have watched your video three times since opening your submission email. Not only am I endeared to your song because of how awesome Cat Surpeme is as an individual, I'm endeared to Cat Supreme because of how patiently introspective "Only Shadow" is.

So, cat videos, everyone, this is how you get strangers to listen to your music.

WORLD PREMIERE: Their Ocean - Skies Light Up


Their Ocean have that dreamy, whispy shit going on something serious. The calm softness of dude's voice paired with the emotionally intensive songscapes these fuckers drop is uncomfortably serene.

I've had a bro-crush on Their Ocean for a few years now, and we're jacked to see a new album on the horizon (July 6th, 2015 bro), we just don't know how long we can hold off on acting on this secret love bro. With the vocals being both distracting and calming, Their Ocean make me want to write their names in my trapper keeper John Cusack style.


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