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Joel Frieders

One Song: Trails and Ways - Skeletons

My ex-bestie/current-bestie Tim used to be all about Trails and Ways. Dude once sent me a picture of his hairless chest with a big T&W slathered betwixt his nipples in nutella. That was his way of describing the musicular girthness of his fair Trails and Ways.

Most of the time when Tim used to suggest something I'd just tilt my head and say, "awww, he thinks he's people", and then keep it movin'. But Trails and Ways had me by the electro short and curlies and I knew it, I just didn't want Tim to know I knew he knew what I now know you know?

This new "Skeletons" jam is fucking gelatinous alcoholic sunshine slowly oozing down the buttcrack of summer bro....

Father John Misty @ The Vic - Chicago - April 3rd, 2015

I wanted Father John Misty to be my favorite concert ever really fucking bad.

I wanted his snark to translate even better than I had hoped it would. I wanted the people around me to be just as cheesed the Fuck out as I was. I wanted to stare at the pictures I took of him for minutes at a time, absorbing every fucking pixel as unique miniature homages to one of my favorite musical personalities on the fucking planet. I wanted to be so enthralled with the dude as a performer, and he with me as an audience member, that he would shake my fucking hand afterwards.


Justin Forrest - City Life

No idea who this dude is, but damn. During my weekly dive into the unread SYFFAL Music Submissions this dude's throat hit me with a "hold up, start it over and give it your complete attention".

Justin Forrest sounds like a less contemporary Gavin DeGraw, but who'd probably walk out of a street fight as the victor. Dude seems comfortably grimey, and I mean that as a fucking compliment. I've known people throughout my life that just have that look about them, where regardless of their strengths and talents, you're absolutely certain they could kick ass if need be.

Justin Forrest has that confident posture to him that even though he's showing vulerability through sharing his music with us, he'd be able to pull a straight razor to your neck faster than you can write him off.

"City Life" is some dope shit. 

Justin Forrest Facebook
Justin Forrest Twitter

That Noise - World On Fire

I fucking love this band. There's that perfect marriage of electro and rock and it's got that shakey grunge of a bass player who has two speeds: ON and ONNER bro. CAN YOU FEEL THAT FLILLILILILILILILILILILILILILILILILILILILILILILILILILILIL UNDER YER SCROTE BROTE?


That Noise return with the EVER IMPORTANT LYRIC VIDEO for the single "World On Fire", and while I could give two shits about knowing anyone besides Father John Misty's lyrics, I won't lie, I fucking love this song.

Here's hoping the next That Noise album gives me as many boners as their previous shits.

That Nosie Facebook
That Noise Twitter
That Noise Bandcamp

Dead Sea - Keep It High

Whoever the Fuck these Dead Sea jagbags are, their appropriate use of leather and kalidescope effects applied to recently leaked video of me dousing myself in buffalo semen has me intrigued.

I love a female vocal that isn't fucking annoying as shit. Even moreso, I love a female vocal that's the audible equivalent of two Tylenol PM, a PBR tall boy and a race to ejaculate. 

Dead Sea have that chilled the Fuck out, swaying to your own beat shit going fucking DOWN bros.

Find em, stalk em, tell em you think about em when you shave.

Dead Sea Facebook
Dead Sea Soundcloud
Dead Sea Twitter HAISHTAIG! #wearedeadsea

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