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Joel Frieders

Starcadian - Saturdaze

I remember the first time I saw Vision Quest.

Besides nosebleeds and singlet crotch bulges, what the movie taught me most was that wearing a garbage bag was a necessity when trying to make weight.

Also, if you put some serious synths and some partially cheesy electronic drums alone in a room together, someone is going to fucking wrassle bros. And if they weren't going to wrassle, well, your dad was going to rent the extra room in your crib out to some chick with a moist hole and a suspicious past.

That vibe of half-corny intensity, where you can see yourself completely immersed in the environment and climate of the movie you're watching just the same as finding it dumb and turning the channel (or inserting a new VHS tape, BUT ONLY...

Angus & Julia Stone - S/T

Let it be known that prior to listening, I knew nothing, and still consider myself one who knows nothing about Angus and Julia Stone. I don't know whether I should know them for any particular reason, but I get the feeling I should know who Angus and Julia Stone are for some strange reason. Like, he seems like the meek and humble son of a rich oil tycoon and she's like some listless uninterested world traveler who grew up in a small town to two parents who loved her, but who never really put down roots anywhere, so she isn't just a free spirit, she's completely off the grid.

Does any of that make sense?

If you ever get around to listening to this album, start from the beginning and think of nothing. Don't even try assuming you already...

Zea & The Copper Children - Drugs & Liquor

Sometimes there are songs that sound like a memory feels when you remember it. Sometimes there are songs that instigate a feeling of nostalgia so fucking thick you can fucking taste it. Sometimes those memories are so unbelievably happy even the thought of wiping random happy tears from your eyes can cause you to choke on your own emotions.

This fucking song bro.

"Drugs & Liquor" from whoever the Fuck Zea & The Copper Children are, is masterful in how it manages to pull a haughty weight behind it while leading with a smile. I mean, this fucking song sounds like a memory.


Ménage - Promises

I will admit to being fucking geeked over the fucking simple ass motherfucking chorus on this track. GO HEAD, SAY YEAH, SEE IF IT MAKES ME TESTICLES CRAWL UP INSIDE ME AND HUG ME DEARLY BRO.

I have no idea who Ménage are, or how to get that thing to show up over the e without copy and pasting, but holy Fuck I don't want this song to end.

shit feels like someone made a compilation video of all of my unsuccessful attempts at sports and put this song on to make it feel like I hads a few successes bro. 

Full on arms in the air, running while smiling, wiping tears and then licking the snot from your upper lip type shit bro. This is IT. 

"Promises" might be the song I ask to play after they pull my plug. fucking gorgeous.

If I find this band's album, I promise to listen to it while wearing all denim. I feel I owe it to them bro.

LET US STALK MENAGE (sorry about the lack of the e thing bros)!

Escape To New York - A Long Time Between Monsters

Normally, if I'm going to describe a band as "reverby" I'm not necessarily using it as a compliment. I'm the grumpy old asshole that thinks relying on a guitar effect for every song is gimmicky, cheap, a cop out, a essentially a band aide to hide the reality of being shitty by sounding "cool bro".

But, I'm not afraid of eating my words bro. Especially if thems words are delicious when sprankled with the fact that I now have a favorite reverby band bro.

Escape To New York are my favorite reverby band bro.

From the first song I became obsessed with to my new favorites, A Long Time Between Monsters is a solid EP's worth of an introduction to a band you should join me in publicly declaring...

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