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Joel Frieders

Astronauts - In My Direction

I first heard Astronauts earlier this year when I got hooked on their track "Skydive". For some reason I never really got around to sucking them off publicly, but their sound is equal parts smooth, head noddy, and stoner peaceful. 

It's the kind of shit you put on when you wake up that makes you feel like sweatpants are the right choice. It's the kind of shit you put on when you're about to go to bed that tells you nude is the right choice. 

Astronauts are just fucking precious as all Fuck. And the new single "In My Direction" is fucking balls.

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Death From Above 1979 - The Physical World

I've had this album forfuckingever.

I've listened to this album so much I didn't even know if it was appropriate to write about it.

Death From Above 1979's new album The Physical World is the one album from 2014 that I need to hear live. There is no question, I will go to the end of my wallet's earths to see this performed live.

The Physical World is fucking everything.

Just when I thought I was destined to have only digitally-assisted electro pop jams to look back on this year, DFA1979 gave me the only rock album of 2014 that matters.

The riffage...

Kashuks - Piece of a Chance, Pt 3

Anyone ever notice that once the middle of November hits, life just starts moving way too fucking fast?

A week ago I felt like I had nothing going on besides the regular shit. Then I look up at the calendar this morning and instead of there being one thing on one day, there are multiple things, every, day, of, the, week.

So many commas bro.

When there used to be just one thing going on on any particular day, I could weigh my attendance at said thing by comparing 'doing some shit' to 'ain't doing shit'. But now that there are two, tree shits on the calendar on one fucking day, well, I'm either 'the shi...

JE Sunde - Shapes That Kiss the Lips of God

If I cared much about the opinions of others, I'd consider myself late to the JE Sunde party. But as far as I'm concerned, JE Sunde probably doesn't care when I got to the party. And I kinda like "being a year late" to the JE Sunde party, it's roomier.

So why the Fuck should I keep my mouth shut about his awesomeness just because everyone who has had his talent cock in their mouth has already spat it out by now?

I shant shut it bros.

My first introduction to JE Sunde was while seeing Phox in Chicago this last summer. He opened. He murdered. Even two songs into the Phox set my wife and I agreed he...

Jesse Mac Cormack - CRUSH EP

A few friends and I, every year for the past three years, set up this music festival in the small town where we live. We book the bands, brew the beer, pitch the tents, invite the vendors, arrange the volunteers, cross our fingers for no rain, you know, we put on a fucking music festival bro.

While it might not seem like it from the outside, booking the bands is always the most difficult. You weigh their cost versus their value and sometimes you take a chance and pay more than you'd want to for a band that hasn't shown you shit, and sometimes you pay a band you know will murder for less than they're worth just to be able to play the show for you. Thankfully we do everything we can to make the weekend enjoyable for all of the...

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