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Joel Frieders

Mammoth Indigo - "No Mothers" LIVE

Mammoth Indigo keep playing just the tip with my ear holes bros.

On the one hand, I fucking adore their instrumentation and inflection. On the other hand, I'm sometimes confused as to why the vocals bug me slightly. But then on the top of my mons pubis, I'm drawn back in to the instrumentation and I don't recognize the vocals are bugging me until I'm coming up with excuses for not wanting to show them my special place. (Hint: It's my basement, behind the curtain, under the table with the sheet over it with the sign hanging from it that says "bleach smell is normal".)

Mammoth Indigo are balls out beating the shit out of their instruments just after the three minute mark, and that gives me a sense of HELLS YES and encourages me to look past the small occasional disagreements I have with the vocals. 

You should love this band enough to want to shave the guy that totally screams SHAVE ME, but you totally know you wouldn't shave that shit, you'd pet the everloving Fuck out of him.

And so would I bro. So would I. (Dramatic repeat)

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Kauf - Labyrinth Ear - Lorna (Kauf Remix)

I'm a complete fanboy for Kauf.

His electro steezo caught me completely the Fuck off guard and I was soon addicted to a mere FOUR songs for over a month.

Every opportunity I had to walk slow, I threw on the Kauf, bro bro.
Every opportunity I had to nod slow with a slow smirk on my face, I threw on the Kaufbro, bro
Every time I felt like shit was going too fast for me, I threw on the Kaufbro, bro bro.

Kauf is the anti-hurry, the opposite of speed, the creator, monthly-prepaid-subscriber and founding member of the comfclub bro.

Guy is all sorts of sensual, and from what I've read on the internet and from what my hidden camera...

DAMEHT - Girl Jeans

Whoever the Fuck DAMEHT are, they're fucking KILLING me with this "Girl Jeans" track.

At first I thought I was listening to a smooshwich of The 1975 and The Neighborhood, but without the "the", ALLS I HEARS IS THE FRESHIES. Seriously, if you were in the market for a track to pop pop jiggle to, I just found it for you bro.

The guitar action on this track feels like a direct shoutout to Michael Jackson's Beat It but in a reverence I can only compare to the first time I heard Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me" when I was a kid. It isn't that there's any copycat shit happening, but holy Fuck does this go down as smooth as the...

Allusondrugs - Allusondrugs EP

Don't let the aeordynamics of my cool lead you to believe I didn't have a 90s grunge fetish bro. Along with the rock and roll of my dad's generation, the plaid shirted and solemn angst of Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Green Day, Stone Temple Pilots, Silverchair and the like molded the musical preferences I have today.

I was into anything that required my complete attention, anything that made me want to plan complete fucking road trips around just doing the song justice.

As a guy who listens to music just to feel something, there are immediate aspects of any genre'd independent music that either perk my interest or completely disconnect me. Allusondrugs immediately hit me as a smooshwich of my favorite late teens/...


Yes, this dropped in March. 

Yes, I'm just now going through my music emails and it's August and I'm still in late March, and you're still a dick for judging me.


BEGINNER and their track "Who Knows" is that summer sunburn track you can toss on repeat as you drink Modelos by the case and slice up a shitload of limes on the contrete while standing in a the shallow end of the inground pool because you just don't give a Fuck.

I want this song to accompany me as I try to peel off my swimsuit to take a chlorine induced loose stooled bowel movement at the community pool. 

This makes me wanna fake drowning in front of my wife and make her Wendy Peffercorn me more than that bro.

BEGINNER Soundcloud

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