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Joel Frieders

Magic City Hippies - Bull Ride

I am so broken up about the Robby Hunter Band. I mean, I knew the band name was horrible and didn't really allude to their magical sexual powers as those powers pertain to my loins and my many many children, BUT I DIDN'T THINK THEY WOULD BREAK UP!

But when they dropped something called Magic City Hippies, and I responded "that's the best band name I've ever heard used as an album title" and they scoffed while reading my email, well, THAT'S WHEN I CONTACTED MY LAWYER.

Magic City Hippies is the fucking best way to describe the music of the Magic City Hippies bro. It's sex pop. It's music you listen to while intoxicating yourself and planning on loving someone or something to the point of climax.

Magic City Hippies are choosing to wear socks with sandals and then meeting the gaze of anyone who judges your fucking awesome. 


Magic City Hippies are cool widdit. 

Happy weekend fuckers!


Moses Rockwell ft. Masai & JB!! - All Is Well

I hit play. I walked away. I returned to my computer and sent the video link to my phone. I loaded up the video on my phone, and hit play again, but this time over the loud speakers.

Beats like this remind me of how much of an asshole I was between the ages of 15 and the present, because if given the choice, I could sit here and bob my head like a recluse until I die from head bobs bro.

I've already publicly admitted to being the biggest Masai fanboy in the Chicago suburbs, but I will now admit to being pretty balls into Moses Rockwell and JB!!, although I won't call him Dirty Moses until he drops the JB!! because BRO, YOU CAN'T HAVE TWO NAMES, THIS IS HIP HOP! AIN'T NO ONE HAVE TWO NAMES IN HIP H-wait.


This shit chill bangs and is pretty damn chill balls bro.


And So I Watch You From Afar - Heirs

And So I Watch You From Afar have been one of the most consistent musical forces in my post rock bag of tricks and licks for years now. The cinematic thrusts and epic moisture they conjure out of my lumpy and balding body are what many would call obscene, but for those in the know, And So I Watch You From Afar are pure fucking energy.

And I don't really mean they're just energy. I mean, literally, they are fucking energy. Like, the energy needed to Fuck and created by fucking. And So I Watch You From Afar are "fucking energy".

Their latest album, Heirs...

Lord Huron - Strange Trails

I'm not someone who should be gushing over an album like Strange Trails.

Historically speaking, I shouldn'tve even started listening to Lord Huron in the first fucking place.

I judged this particular book by its cover, and because its cover reminded me of my Great Aunt Lea's house on Christmas, I gave the shit a single spin. But then something weird happened, I didn't take it out for an entire week. And then I managed to whip it out in places I normally wouldn't whip out music I normally wouldn't even whip music out in, which isn't normal. (*Yes, I could edit this sentence, but Fuck you bro, it's not like I'm wearing Crocs or some shit. JUDGE ME THEN.)...

Blueprint - King No Crown

I'll say this once, and only as a preface for the following, and only because it's true, and only to get it out of the way: I'm a Blueprint fanboy.

Blueprint is the only rapper I listen to consistently who improves with every album. I say that every time I write about the dude, but it's the absolute fucking truth.

Print has grown from raps about being a rapper rapping, to raps about a rapper rapping about culture, to raps about a rapper rapping about racism, politics and society, to King No Crown, where he's a rapper rapping about respecting himself enough to be better than all other rappers rapping, and mainly by making better conscious decisions.

King No Crown...

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