World Premiere

The Walking Tree - Here Again There Again

World Premiere: The Walking Tree - Here Again There Again

Joel Frieders | December 19, 2016
I went through a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE Matthew Sweet phase in the earlier half of my high school experience. It was all grunge, and ripped jeans at the knees, and ditch weed, and an unfounded obsession with the Marshall stack. Here I am twenty or something years removed and while I still love me some Matthew Sweet, but I find myself shaking my fucking head at why I felt the Marshall stack was the end all be all of guitar amplification. It's the tits, sure, but only on some applications. It doesn't work for some of the shit I was really into, no matter how I tried to soften the strike. Now, The Walking Tree, THIS BAND WAS MADE FOR THE STACKACKACKACKACK! The Walking Tree and their WORLD PREMIERERERERE video for "Here Again There Again" is the exact reason...
Atoms Family feat. Cryptic One & Alaska - M.A.B.A.

World Premiere: Atoms Family feat. Cryptic One & Alaska - M.A.B.A.

Joel Frieders | November 14, 2016
It's no secret that SYFFAL is a direct descendant of Atoms Family. I started SYFFAL with Alaska and have remained better than best friends with the dude since 2005. When people ask how you can be so close with someone who lives so far away, my answer is usually "there's no way we can let each other down because the expectations are so broad".  In saying so, I have essentially described my relationship with everything Atoms over the last few years. Because of the fact that the Family is so vast (heh) and includes so many personalities, you never know what you're going to get, but there's little room to be disappointed because the level of talent contained within the fleshy vibrating walls of Atoms Family...

World Premiere: Maxwell Drummey - Vacation

Brandon Backhaus | September 6, 2016
I’m sitting here. At this desk. At MY desk. Listening to music and tallying up the disappointment. There are the typical items found on a desk. Plus a hat (disappointingly won at an In & Out Burger promotional roulette where the clear score was a burger, animal style), a two-thirds empty bottle of Irish whiskey, a AAA tote bag filled with the disassembled pieces of my sleep apnea machine, and an old bottle of lotion. My toothbrush is on the floor I’m pretty sure and I’m in no hurry to pick it up. The warm embrace of a comfortable home for many reasons missing for me on this overcast morning home. I hadn’t been home in days. I haven’t been home in what seems like years. I’m not even sure there’s a home to have been to at all.  I feel like I’ve been on a harrowing vacation. I guess in a...
Kinder, Stone Cold

World Premiere: Kinder - Stone Cold

Joel Frieders | August 30, 2016
As cocktail umbrella season comes to a close, it's time to prepare our respective sex dungeons with seasonal incense, a good vacuuming, and an update of the all important sex playlist. KINDER just showed up with the sassiest sex song of the summer send off. "Stone Cold" makes a motherfucker wanna rub ice cubes all up on his nips and dip each big toe in a pumpkin spice latte and then thrust them hips all up in a northerly direction. Yes, we bought pie pumpkins in September, and YES, those are phallic shaped gourds on the bedside table, and YES, the lube has a faint hint of cinammon and mulling spices. It seems like this KINDER fellow is all about making me feel comfortable with all of the impending sex. And while the beat is helping me Michael...
Cobby & Litten - Tinder Surprise

World Premiere: Cobby and Litten - Tinder Surprise

Brandon Backhaus | August 4, 2016
This is the auditory equivalent of redecorating my living room with shag carpet.  Just slide left.  The feel of the bushy fabric on my naked body as I lay prone on floor.  Just slide left.  Jumpsuits for men!  Just slide left.  This is the auditory equivalent of matching casserole dishes and an avocado-colored electric stovetop.  Just slide left.  This is the auditory equivalent of letting my pube-scaping go.  Just slide left. This is the auditory equivalent of doing deeeeeeep squats in tightie whities.  Just slide left.  I know it’s time to trim my mustache when I can chew on its edges.  Just slide left!  I pee in the shower. EVERY TIME!  Just slide left.  Cobby and Litten. Just slide left!  Cop the record though. FilthyBroke Records. Just slide... ok,...
Sammy Warm Hands & Ogar Burl - Break The Mold

World Premiere: Sammy Warm Hands & Ogar Burl - Break The Mold

Brandon Backhaus | July 18, 2016
What do you get when you cross a rapper who looks like a piñata mid-explosion, and another rapper who definitely knows how many hit points it takes to fell an ogre? It’s a world premiere video called, “Break the Mold” and I fucking LOVE IT!  My chubbed-up adoration for all things Sammy Warm Hands is well-documented. Add in giant homeboy/Gamestop manager Ogar Burl and chubbed-up transforms to mildly erect real quick. (Go easy on me. I’m almost 40!) But these two, if not outright smashing the mold, definitley push the elastic to its limits. It's less the rhymes and more the mouths that spit them. “Break the Mold," while a straightforward rap track, is also narrative romp through Ogar Burl’s murder plot to...
Cesl - Strange Hop
Album Review

World Premiere: Cesl - Strange Hop

Brandon Backhaus | June 16, 2016
I first heard Cesl during what now seems like ancient history. The Lemondrop Kid. He was a brash, artistic and adorable member of the Futurelics. Think Log Cabin Crew only more Silver Lakey before Silver Lakey meant Silver Lakey. The year was 2001, maybe. I bought the tape from the old homie, Dave. The venues were dark and graffiti’ed and beautiful. The times were the best. And the worst.  Flash forward to a couple of years ago. Cesl was now Stephen Buchanan and, at his behest, I went to see him perform with The Vault Theater Co. in an anti-gentrification play in downtown LA. He was less Lemondrop Kid and more Music Man. It felt great to see his evolution. That us rap fucks could transcend the backpack and sing songs, and...
Mr Dix and the AM/PM Classes, Parts of Speech Rap

World Premiere: Mr Dix and the AM/PM Classes - Parts of Speech Rap

Joel Frieders | June 7, 2016
Sometimes PR companies and horrible rappers hound people like us who run little music blogs about "premiering new music videos". And sometimes people who run little music blogs like us HOUND 6TH GRADE TEACHERS AND BEG TO LET US DROP THE WORLD PREMIERE MUSIC VIDEO FOR HIS CLASS'S NEW MUSIC VIDEO! If you don't already know who Mr. Dix is, I'll briefly tell you that he's the 6th grade teacher we all wanted when we were in junior high. Dude can write, dude can rap, dude thinks he can ball, but most importantly, dude can connect. His previous music video was the "Comma Dance", and as you can see it's racked up just over 30,000 views. It's not because he's got kids rapping words about the use of the English language, it's because THINGS FINALLY MAKE SENSE for those of...
Yawl, sundial

World Premiere: YAWL - Sundial

Joel Frieders | May 2, 2016
YAWL blows me. Consistently.  Whoops! Forgot a word bro. YAWL BLOWS ME AWAY.  It's like every time I assume I know what the song is going to end up sounding like, or what I think the video will look like for that song that I think I know what it'll sound like, well, shit just goes the other fucking direction and I'm left standing here with my johnson in my hand. The sullen, yet somehow hopeful, "Sundial" has that grating buzz behind it that's almost like a bed of luxurious fettucine covered in butter. It's comfortable, sure, and writhing around in it is pretty erotic if I do say so myself. Hell, I've never felt a butter-coated noodle there before. But it's the sheen that that simple strummed guitar sample creates that makes this song so fucking...
leitbur, solid ground

World Premiere: Leitbur - Solid Ground

Joel Frieders | April 19, 2016
Leitbur is the setting you turn your brain to when everything else is overwhelming. Leitbur is the second bowl of chips delivered to your table, and they're still piping hot and shimmering in grease, just waiting for you to dip them shits in some chilled motherfuckin' salsa. Leitbur is the cool side of the pillow on the wrong side of town on the better half of the spring season.  Everything about Leitbur's music is therapeutic. From the nostalgic memories of tight rolled jeans, slap bracelets, and premature ejaculationz, to the soothing synthesized synthetic pastels and neons swirling around my bucktoothed pre-teen self, there is nothing Leitbur can't be used for. From osteoporosis to lesions on the soul...