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Best Albums, 2015, Tame Impala, Youth Lagoon, Foals, Magic City Hippies
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Best Albums of 2015 - 3rd Quarter

Staff | October 6, 2015
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Best Albums of 2015 - 2nd Quarter

Staff | June 30, 2015
I dare anyone to say the second quarter of 2015 doesn't have huge luscious music balls dangling down against their forehead bro. As much as Top 40 radio wants us to believe there are only four songs available for your listening pleasure, WE ASSURE YOU BROS, THERE IS MUCH MUCH MORE. Take our recommendations for instance, they're 70% less fat and 40% more inspiring than the commercial blend of sass you hear in the bathrooms at Walmart. If you don't agree with our pics, please to call yer ma bro, cause this isn't just a dicktatershit, this is a syffalocracy bros. 
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Best Albums of 2015 - 1st Quarter

Staff | April 1, 2015
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Best Albums of 2014 - 4th Quarter

Staff | December 11, 2014
Quarter four is like the calm before the Year-End storm. And this year has been fucking nuts! I can’t sugar coat that shit. I got fatter. My exwife got skinnier. My kids got bigger and thus eat more and need new shoes all the time. I’ve stopped shaving. I never got that raise. And, the most egregious societal slight of all, I didn’t get famous. Like even a little bit. These personal little Fuck you universe-isms pale in comparison to some of the shit society has gone through in the last quarter. People have literally taken to the streets because police keep killing people. And then everybody else mostly stayed home and posted support on social media or did other stuff like watch Big Bang Theory. DAS RACIST! With air strikes and drone attacks on foreign soil in ‘Mericah’s name, and...
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Best Of (2014) - 2nd Quarter

Staff | July 9, 2014
Shut up. I know we are two weeks late for the unveiling of our 'Best of Q2' lists, but we have been going through big changes here are Syffal: we had to transition the site to another server and our fearless leader, Tammy Baker, has gone into retirement....until he realizes he misses us too much and comes back. BUT right now he is enjoying short walks on his lunch break to prevent the inflammation in his hips from acting up. The rest of the staff are all well and good though: Joel gave the Governor of Illinois a stink palm on behalf of the Bee-keepers lobby. Brando has been hugging trees in Yosemite and trying to attract Black Tailed Deer to his anus with peanut butter. Del is Delling, hence why his list iis missing. Johnny is enjoying the 'Summer Of Johnny' and wakes up with Summer...
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Best Albums of 2012 - 2nd Quarter

Staff | June 27, 2012
Well we are officially at the halfway point which means that it is time for another installment of our top albums of the quarter list. As always we will be discussing albums that dropped during this particularl 3 month span and as far as 3 month spans go, well this fucker was tasty as shit. Plenty of wonderful albums were released, a few that may very well be considered classics by whatever species takes over after we are gone. It is a god damned exciting time to be a music fan and an obsessive. This time around we include contributions from our two newest contributors, the internet mystery man known only as Employee and one K. Love Eckstadt which I assume is a made up name by a member of a wiccan cult. Since we last spoke Joel has opted for voluntary sterilization much to the relief of...