Pop Cultures Collide


Pop Cultures Collide: Giant Gorilla Dog Thing & PJ Katz - Top That from the film Teen Witch

Tim Baker | December 5, 2012
We might have actually started this series with the hopes that someone would have the stones to cover the legendary Teen Witch Rap which has become the thing of internet legend and recently even to its very own feature on the Grantland Network's Rembert Explains. Most rappers were either too afraid, to serious, or to rappery (read: lazy) to get this fucker done. Thank god for the good folks at Pig Food Records. Giant Gorilla Dog Thing aka GGDT which consists of rappers Dez and Dood Computer linked up with super producer and cabbie hat champion of the world PJ Katz to tackle this monster, pin it down, and stuff it so we could display it proudly in the SYFFALSTUDY. America and the world have these sensual bags of meat sauce to thank for such an inspiring feat. I love you pricks. Tim GGDT (...

Pop Cultures Collide: The Coasts - The Phony King of England (From the Disney Classic, Robin Hood)

Tom Doz | April 3, 2012
The Coasts are cuties, yet, they have such a gritty and dirty sound. This is why it does not surprise me that these lovable pricks would choose to rock the nutz off a Disney song. When lead singer, Ike Peters, told me that he’d be covering a song from Robin Hood, I honestly didn't know what to expect, but I knew it’d somehow be awesome. The Coasts lived up the hype I built up in my head and surpassed it ten fold. This cover of The Phony King of England is morphed into a Kink-y sounding 60’s garage rock anthem that will make you want to kick your foot through a guitar amp. A word from The Coast’s Ike Peter’s Robin Hood is my number one favorite Disney movie. And if it's not in your top 5, then you need to watch it again. And other than every word...

Pop Cultures Collide: Time Travels - King of Wishful Thinking (Pretty Woman)

Joel Frieders | February 7, 2012
The first time I heard Frank McGinnis, or Time Travels as he goes by now, I had randomly skipped ahead to a track on his album that was both vivid and fucking intense. It surprised the fucking shit out of me in a way I don't remember any other artist doing. All at once he portrayed this innocently transparent musician who is both haunted and inspired by his surroundings and experiences, and it touched me in places no one's been since before I gave up Catholicism for just not being a fucking asshole and striving to be a decent muthafucker. This time, Time Travels, or Francis McGinnis as I calls hims, on this his cover of the Pretty Woman soundtrack standout King of Wishful Thinking, will do all of the following: disarm you with his raw "I...

Pop Cultures Collide: Wes Restless - Win In The End From the 1985 Movie Teen Wolf

Joel Frieders | October 18, 2011
Teen Wolf was a movie that always made me want to own a milk truck. I mean, I've had my peeps dancin' on my car roofs in the past, but being up so high and being so visible to the community would make le roof dancing all the more impressionable upon the peoples. The championship game scene in any 80's movie is always the most dramatic, and Michael J. Fox's performance during Teen Wolf was no exception. It was filled with slow motion cut scenes, missed shots, the fat guy from Pee Wee's Big Adventure, and one of those truly inspiring soundtrack additions that made you want to wrestle Matthew Modine. Then there's Wes Restless. It is a crime that this dude is relatively unknown outside of Chicago, but his work with Dynamic Vibrations, The Gent$, The Jordan...
Gashcat, Labyrinth, As The World Falls Down, David Bowie

Pop Cultures Collide: Gashcat - As The World Falls Down From the Movie Labyrinth

Joel Frieders | September 14, 2011
Gashcat, and this month's submission for Pop Cultures Collide, As the World Falls Down, represents everything we set out to accomplish with the original idea of pop cultures collide. Taking the Aqua Net sheen of David Bowie's classic song from the soundtrack of the nightmares and wet dreams of our youth in the movie Labyrinth, and pairing them with the barefoot wonder of Gashcat: this song is absolutely perfect. Perfect for PCC. Perfect to swallow up that last bit of summer before the frost starts inching its way up your inseam to force-hibernate your fucking balls up near your throat. Listen to what a few of us think to be the best Pop Cultures Collide submission yet. And if Gashcat is...

Pop Cultures Collide: Robotanists - You're the Best Around (Karate Kid)

Del LeFevre | April 11, 2011
For some time SYFFAL has been looking to involve the bands that we love to a greater extent on our site. Topless photos of rappers, favorite lox recipes (HI EL-P!) and chortle-inspiring interviews are swell, but we wanted to give our readers added inspiration to peep our naughty bits on a regular basis. We all love cover songs. While we might not want to see a shit bar band playing She Talks To Angels, the familiar embrace factor is apparent, and you probably already know that SYFFAL loves pop culture. Our writing is knee deep in nostalgic hoopla and retro porn references. So... what if we asked our favorite bands to record a cover of their favorite theme song from tv shows/movies/cartoons/video games/etc... from our past? People are drawn to nostalgia. We're drawn to great fucking music...