Tim Baker

Tim Baker is one half of the legendary Vaudville joke and song duo Chico and the other ethnic stereotype(convincingly played by Michael Douglas). Since leaving the Vaudville circuit Tim has had a slew of jobs including vending machine repair man, Walmart greeter at that Greater Deluth Walmart, and most recently handicam operator on According to Jim.


Dead Summer, Ghost Inside, music video

Dead Summer - Ghost Inside

Tim Baker | August 11, 2015
This Dead Summer shit right here is trippy as fuck, moody and undressed, it smells like the back of the closet after eating a baggy filled with mushrooms chased by bottle of Newman's Own low fat Caeser bruh. Devin B was telling me about this...
Sound Minds Music Festival

Announcements: Sound Minds Music Festival - Sunday August 16, Brooklyn - Sound Minds Music Festival

Tim Baker | August 10, 2015
Friends of SYFFAL, Josh Sinton, Adam Hopkins & Threes Brewing present the Sound Minds Music Festival in Brooklyn NY. For details on this exciting day of booze and music check the information provided be the satchel of sensh himself, Josh Sinton. Love, Tim...

Elsphinx - Cellar Door and Album Pre-order

Tim Baker | May 26, 2015
Cellar Door is the first video from an album I have been anticipating for nearly three years, Brain Cave Deluxe by my friend and labelmate Elsphinx. I first heard snippets of the album when I was recording at Pig Food Records HQ back...
Album Review


Tim Baker | June 5, 2014
N8NOFACE is the love child of They Might Be Giants, Kid Frost, and Prince. His new album DOLOTAPE is a sensual mix of weirdness that provides the perfect soundtrack for the kind of night that ends with your soul-mate in handcuffs...

Music Ruined My Life - The Macklemoral of the Story

Tim Baker | January 27, 2014
I have a question for you. A serious posit if you will; are you truly disheartened and/or upset about the Grammys honoring Macklemore? Or are you just one of those people that feels the need to hear yourself talk so you dive head first into...

DOOD COMPUTER's SWEET 16 - EP. 15 - MoodSwingKing

Tim Baker | November 11, 2013
This is probably the most excited I have been about a Sweet 16 since they launched. It is not that this episode is better than the others, because quite frankly these fuckers are all like my children, I love them all equally. What makes this one unique is...

DOOD COMPUTER's SWEET 16 - EP. 13 - Bender

Tim Baker | October 14, 2013
If you aren't up on the rap battle scene/King of the Dot scene then you are probably one of those assholes with real responsibility, kids, and/or a recently kicked drug habit. For the rest of you, by now I am sure you are wildly familiar with Bender. This...

Our Interview with Extinction A.D. - A bag of hint of lime Tostitos filled with her diarrhea

Tim Baker | August 28, 2013
Colour me geeked. I am fucking giddy and goofy-balled because of these Extinction A.D. Assholes. There recent EP/single tore the lid off of the adolescent angst and rage that was still swimming in my lower and most Christian extremities. I...
Album Review

YC The Cynic - GNK

Tim Baker | August 21, 2013
I love the way YC The Cynic puts words together, the way he uses his phrasing to slowly build a 3D image, layer after layer until you have this towering feat of architectural engineering. It seems to defy gravity. I often picture his rhymes...

World Premiere: Giant Gorilla Dog Thing & Iron Mic - Iron Giants

Tim Baker | August 21, 2013
Bro the horns in Iron Giants sound like all my Cybill Sheppard sex dreams. I am all sorts of rubbery for Rob Viktum's sounds brobrobro. Iron Mic, Giant Gorilla Dog Thing (GGDT) and the whole Pig Food Record's roster have been making...
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