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Growing up my entire family had huge boners for Billy Joel. I never understood it. (Mind you I was rocking out to Snap's "The Power" at the time so who was I to judge) Four sisters, a twin brother, and a Dad who ALL owned Billy Joel's "Greatest Hits". Some had it in the tape format, others had made the leap to the new and exciting world of cds...but they ALL had it. Crazy. Why have SIX copies of the same craptastic album under one roof? I could not be like them! At the tender age of twelve I realized I would need to follow my own Joel-less musical path. I had to. It was my destiny. I packed my bags and left. I would be the David Carradine of musical "Kung Fu". Wandering the earth, making sure wherever I went it would be a "Piano Man" Free zone. I've followed that mantra from then to today... and now I bring it to you.

Chvrches | Leave a Trace | Every Open Eye

One Song: Chvrches - Leave a Trace

Del LeFevre | August 17, 2015
There are a few things I can tell from listening to Chvrches lead single, Leave a Trace, off of their upcoming new album, Every Open Eye (out on September 25th): There will be no sophomore slump! The songs...
Sin Fin | Volver | Los Angeles | Instrumental

One Song: Sin Fin - Volver

Del LeFevre | August 10, 2015
Life lesson: When it comes to new music recommendations always give your coworkers the benefit of the doubt. Generally they all mean well and deserve your ear’s attention. Except for that one ahole that insists on doing multiple stop-n-chats...
Kotomi | Shiny

One Song: Kotomi - Shiny

Del LeFevre | August 4, 2015
Hey do you jerks remember when I used to bang out mixtapes every two weeks? Yeah, it has been a minute hasn't it?! Back then the impetus to the Track Marks project was that I'd fairly regularly hear a song on Soundcloud that would rock my world so succinctly...
Chvurches | Leave a Trace | Every Open Eye

Quick Fix: Chvrches - Leave a Trace

Del LeFevre | August 3, 2015
Rejoice revelers! Your pop syth high priestess is back! Yep. Chvrches recently announced Every Open Eye, the follow-up to 2013's The Bones of What You Believe and I am damn near giddy. It drops on September 25th...and after...
Album Review

White Sea - In Cold Blood

Del LeFevre | May 20, 2014
I’ve always had a soft spot for White Sea as Morgan Kibby was my first SYFFAL interview. We talked about her planned LP that was to be the follow up to her splendid EP, This Frontier. That was many many moons ago, December 0f 2010 to be exact...
Urkel Test

Quick Fix: The SYFFALIST:10 Best One Hit Wonders - 1990s

Del LeFevre | September 2, 2013
 The topic of the 1990s and the top one hit wonders of the JNCO generation came up recently and spurred a spirited debate that included multiple YouTube streams, mediafire links, pie charts, bar graphs, carbon dating, and challenges of epic proportions. We...
Bloc Party, Four, Album Review
Album Review

Bloc Party - Four

Del LeFevre | August 7, 2012
Before you rejoice to the gods of the interwebs for bringing you the long awaited fourth album from a reunited Bloc Party allow me to warn you about what you are about to experience. This Modern Love of mine forced me to go hunting for...
Album Review

Stepdad - Wildlife Pop

Del LeFevre | June 14, 2012
Matt Cain is currently pitching a perfect game in the 8th inning as I type this. I find myself pausing with each pitch...but I refuse to pause my iTunes. What could possibly be so important on my iTunes that it trump the audio of a perfect game? I mean a...
calvin love, new radar

Calvin Love - New Radar

Del LeFevre | May 29, 2012
Normally if and when someone asks me to check out their boyfriend's music I usually run straight for the fucking hills. Nine out of ten times the album will be a complete turdfest and then you're put in the awkward position of having to find some small...
Album Review

TV Girl - The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle

Del LeFevre | May 21, 2012
With TV Girl signing a label deal we (read: I ) expect Trung and Brad will be taking their music to bigger and what we (I) all assume will be better places. That sounds like a knock or a neg but I mean no harm. What it means is that with...
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