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onry ozzborn - the birth of cupid trailer

Quick Fix: Onry Ozzborn

Joel Frieders | February 9, 2017
Normally I don't post "teasers" or "trailers" or things that have letters for numbers in the titles. The last two months have been complete shitshows as far as just how everything has panned out since cheeto fucker arrived, and nothing seems worth getting excited over. THEN I SEE THE TRAILER FOR THE NEW ONRY OZZBORN ALBUM. AND I SHAT. Sure, it's titled + h 3 B1RTH of c v p ii d, but I don't care, because something about the dread this beat causes me makes me want to punch a nun in the gunt. Onry has always been one of my favorite rappers. Whether he's solo, in the Skul of Grey, or inside Dark Time Sunshine, his delivery and quiet demeanor just fucking inspire me. I've said it before and I'll say...
The Chain Gang of 1974, I Still Wonder

Quick Fix: The Chain Gang of 1974

| September 8, 2016
SYFFAL was founded on an obsession with The Chain Gang of 1974. As this dude went off from a simple dude based in Colorado dropping fucking ridiculously catchy dance tunes, to touring with The Naked and Famous, and then signing to a major label, we all waved from the sidelines and got to occasionally hug him when he passed through town on tour. Without question, TCG74 is one of my favorite discoveries as a music fiend since I started SYFFAL with Tim way black whenz. I've loved everything this dude has ever released and I SHAT when I saw a premiere today for the new track "I Still Wonder". How fucking ever this dude manages to keep the 80s/early 90s nostalgia alive in these sensually modern songs, I owe him at LEAST half of my three kids, and hope...

Quick Fix: In The Whale - American Eyes

Joel Frieders | September 1, 2016
I fucking HAAAAAAAAATE In The Whale. Not like HATE hate, but like dude, I haaaaaaaaate In The Whale. These classy dames are always having fun, smiling brightly, learning from their mistakes (shitty penmanship, previous run ins with the authorities, left handedness), and not wearing pants on Sundays during the football season. As a Bears fan, I haven't been really interested in football because of our suckage, but dude I haaaaaaaaate In The Whale for always having the best time everywhere they go.  WHERE ARE THEY GOING THIS TIME?!?! FUCKING EVERYWHERE! LOOK AT THIS TOUR LIST!  In The Whale - Fall 2016 Tour 09/03 - Rollinsville, CO - RMNPS 09/10 - Englewood, CO - Fiddler's Green...
Yea Big & Kid Static - We May Actually Mean It

Quick Fix: Yea Big & Kid Static - We May Actually Mean It

Joel Frieders | April 3, 2016
Is today just a regular Sunday bro? Sunday's are for bacon and waffles and hikes with the kids, right? NOT TODAY BROS.  Let me set the Sunday morning scene:  I just finished making Sunday breakfast for the family. I cleaned up Sunday hardcore. I took my ceremonial second Sunday movement, AND THEN THIS TEXT POPS UP IN MY SUNDAY FEED: After 7 long years in the wilderness, Chicago Duo Yea Big & Kid Static are back with a wonderful new album QUILT 2 You might not know what this means, but this means a fucking LOT. Yea Big & Kid Static set the stage a decade ago for the rest of us to accept that we're weird and it's better to dive into it and breathe it than to run from it and let it stay stuck to your foot like a piece of toilet paper....
Onry Ozzborn to Premiere New Film: DUO

Quick Fix: Onry Ozzborn to Premiere New Film: DUO - Feat. Live Performances from Void Pedal, Kimya Dawson, Rob Sonic, Grayskul, Graves33, and more!

Brandon Backhaus | January 16, 2016
This is the kind of night that makes me want to be able to jetset to Portland, Oregon and back again full of whimsy and with fancy feet, bruh!  Fucking Friday February 12th at Hawthorne Theatre and Lounge, Onry Ozzborn's is premiering his mysterious new film, DUO! The show features live performances from Grayskul, Kimya Dawson, Rob Sonic, Sleep of Oldominion, Destro Destructo, Syndel, PALE SOUL, Goldini Bagwell of Sandpeople, Eddie Valiant, Graves 33, and DJ Zone! And the nut that would be running down my left leg at the end of the night.  Chicago's own Void Pedal will be flying in for this event as well! Word on the moss-covered sidewalk is that there will also be very special surprise guests, as well! Tickets are $13 in advance. $15 at the door...
Moodhouse Wednesdays

Quick Fix: Moodhouse Wednesdays - (Noise Monthly)

Brandon Backhaus | October 4, 2015
After watching how my dudes on the East Coast still fill up old squatter pads to the brim with humans there to hear other humans scream and mash away on drum machines and synthesizers in cacaphanous shows meant to shock, disturb, and entertain the fucking shit out of you, I'm excited for Los Angeles to finally have a home for NOISE!  The provacative noiserap outfit, Moodie Black, in tandem with YO of Denver bombasts, BLKHRTS, will be bringing the ciudad monthly installments of aural insemenation of the most violent variety. Don't mistake this description as commentary on the safety of your girl. I assure you, your girl is fucking down! They play nice. Loud and furious, but nice.  The first installment of Moodhouse Wednesdays, going down THIS WEDNESDAY 10/7/15 at Complex in Glendale, looks...
Rising Sons Present: Ohana Tree

Quick Fix: RisingSons Independent present: Ohana Tree - feat. Scarub and Abstract Rude

Brandon Backhaus | October 4, 2015
If you're in Los Angeles this week and want to get your backpack rap on, there ain't no better place than with our favorite Hawaii to LA collective, RisingSons Independent at their reocurring event, Ohana Tree. This installment, at the Dragon Fly on Santa Monica Blvd. in E. Hollywood as usual, features two faces from LA's Mount Rapmore, Scarub and Abstract RudeScarub, of the world famous Living Legends, and Abstract Rude, of the venerable Project Blowed and KtF, are perfoming as the Keep the Feel Want for Nothing Tour and you're sure to be...
Hello.L.A. Label Sampler

Quick Fix: Hello.L.A. - Label Sampler

Brandon Backhaus | August 27, 2015
I've been blessed to be included somehow in a group of rappers and producers all working under the umbrella of French artist Bertrand Blanchard. Bertrand started Hello.L.A. as a place to slang his art, and, what he is most known for, his concert and music posters. His taste in bands, as evidenced by who he chose to make posters for, fit to my sensibilities like a cog in a huge machine. So we were instantly friendly. Bertrand even designed the current incarnation of our Syffal logo as seen on social media.  But Bertrand would soon transform Hello.L.A. from art house to actual record label. Blanchard curates some of the most interesting, underground, slept...
blisses b, tour

Quick Fix: Blisses B Midwest Tour - Chicago! Kalamazoo! Delton!

Joel Frieders | August 26, 2015
Blisses B are one of the pi-bro-neers of the SYFFAL generation bro. For fuck's sake they covered "Hey Dude" for our Pop Cultures Collide series back in 2011, they should be knighted! Regardless, our bros who bastian the letter B are hitting the midwest in a few weeks and WE WANT YOU TO GO, BE A BRO, AND CHEER FOR THE BLISSES THAT ARE B! Take a gander at these here dates and pick a good'n AND GO THE FUCK OUT TO SEE BLISSES B BRO! Visit their Faceboogs page for more info bros.  Thursday, September 10th @ 8pm Underground Wonder Bar 710 North Clark Street Chicago, IL 60654http://undergroundwonderbar.com/event/blisses-b-8pm-10pm/https://www.facebook.com/events/599859283490390/ Friday, September 11th Old Dog Tavern 402...
sidney chase, not one more

Quick Fix: Sidney Chase - Not One More

Joel Frieders | August 23, 2015
Pretty impressed with the song here, but even more impressed/depressed after reading the lyrics and understanding what's been happening without my knowledge. I couldn't say it any better than Sidney here. So... Peep the write up from Sidney Chase and then give the song a spin or three. Also, if you're so inclined, consider purchasing the track from their bandcamper linked in the image.  This song was written by transgender writer and artist Sidney Chase. It is about the 17 deaths of transgender women of color this year alone. The track is name your own price, because every download sold will go straight to Trans Women of Color Collective, an organization set on uplifting the narratives and ending the genocide of trans women of color.  You don't have to be...