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foals, magic city hippies, tame impala, city calm down, Marilyn Carino
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Favorite Songs - 2015 - 3rd Quarter

Staff | September 30, 2015
SYFFAList, best songs of August, 2015
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Tom's SYFFAList - August 2015

Tom Doz | September 2, 2015
top 40, radio, group love, rac, panic is perfect, m83
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SYFFAList - Why aren't these guys good enough for the radio?

Tom Doz | August 25, 2015
Call me perfasanated or faslexed.  I've written that I'm now an occasional radio listener thanks to my kids. And I'm continually surprised when I hear bands/artists that we've covered years ago get play time on Top 40.  I don't mean to make that observation as a humble brag, like I'm some big dick swingin' taste maker. If you enjoy discovering music that isn't force fed to you, you also have probably made these same observations. And it's not necessarily that the internet has kept us on the cutting edge of good music, but because the music industry is soooooo slow. We are talking about the same music industry that rewarded a 'Best New Artist' Grammy to Bon Iver after he released his second album....an album that was not nearly as critically acclaimed as his first. BUT how and why do...
roger lion, tame impala, cvrches, destroyer, 9 theory
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Tom's SYFFAList - July 2015

Tom Doz | August 4, 2015
I swear that I'm trying to be consistent with my SYFFAList, but the summer's busy. I was going to scrap the project all together and then two things happened:  July (and June) have been insane for music releases. Some days I have to pinch myself because so much great music is coming out. If you can't find any good music right now go jump off of your roof on to a bicycle seat.  SYFFAL is all shiny and new and I have to build my SYFFAList. I don't want to brag (yes I do), but have you seen this shit? The cover art in our album reviews fucking stream music. And now we have a comment section!  So go explore. BUT not before you listen to this playlist. Because I missed June I couldn't adhere to my normally 10 song limit - I had to include 2 more tracks. 
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Favorite Songs - 2015 - 2nd Quarter

Staff | June 30, 2015
Don't go to that 'Merica BBQ this weekend without an up to date playlist and get caught with your pants at yer ankles when it's your turn on the Jawbone bros. Remember: The Jawbone is life. The life, it is the bone of jaws.  BUT before you make that playlist we have some reccomendations. And we've organized them into individual trapper keepers for your earholes bros. Below are our favorite tracks from the second quarter of 2015. Check them out. Deem them worthy or not, you pieces of shitz. You can stream everything below via the minilogs. Enjoy.
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Favorite Songs - 2015 - 1st Quarter

Staff | March 30, 2015
The first quarter of 2015 has been one big hairy, thrusting cooze. While there are all these amazing albums dropping like deuces on the gilded throne of life, me and Tom are having all of these heavy stressful life changes happening, and it's fucking terrifying. So where most of us at SYFFAL all live thousands of miles apart, and met on the internet and hold the majority of our friendship within the confines of the internet, Tom and I are real life concert besties. Seeing as we're both married motherfucking parents and don't go out much, except for the aforementioned concerts, we're BFFs in actual AND virtual life bro. And now Tom and his family are moving to a completely different state and we'll be forced to play our brolove out on a like 95% virtual basis. This sucks balls for me. Sure...
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Tom's Syffalist - January 2015

Tom Doz | January 28, 2015
I hate the dead of winter. Not only because it's fucking cold, but because there is pretty much a halt in new music releases from after Thanksgiving to about mid-January. Soooooo, below you'll find my SYFFAList for December and January. It includes a lot of shit I missed out on in 2015, but discovered through some other random best of 2015 list. it's better to be late for the game than to not show up at all.
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Favorite Albums - 2014

Staff | December 18, 2014
2014 was a calendar year for SYFFAL. AAAAAAAAAAAND YEAH IT WAS A CALENDAR YEAR FOR EVERYONE BRO, THAT'S WHAT CALENDARS DO, THEY TRACK THE DAYS OF THE YEAR BRO. Nah, frealdo, 2014 was a dope year for the SYFFALs. I mean, lots of weird shit happened. For example: Tim decided over the summer that he was done full time SYFFALing, to focus more on not SYFFALing. This means he gave his keys to the SYFFAL executive bathroom over to Tom. So now it's myself (Joel) and Tom who lead this group of music misfits in our constant fondling and fellating of all things balls ass and jesus balls. Tom's chin won Best New Artist at the VMAs and is now working on its second paleo cook book. Brando discovered he's actually a fucking pirate and loves pho like it's nobody's business. Johnny spread his wings and...
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Favorite Songs - 2014

Staff | December 15, 2014
Whenever it comes to musical taste I always preach there is no right and  there is no wrong. Especially no wrong. Our job at SYFFAL is not to tell you what to listen to; there are thousands of blogs who pretend to be the authority in that area. Rather, we share with our readers the music that we love and we write about it with unashamed enthusiasm. We hope to bring you joy and we hope to bring artists fans. We aren't critics. We are a community. Below you will find a list of 10 songs from each member of our staff. These tracks are our favorites from 2014; the songs range from the pop perfection of Taylor Swift to underground Indie rappers like Nocando. Fuck, thanks to Joel a country song even made the list this year. It's a SYFFAL miracle! In the spirit of community we ask you to share a...
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Favorite Songs (2014) - 4th Quarter

Staff | December 10, 2014
What's in a song? Per Google's definition, dawg: "a short poem or other set of words set to music or meant to be sung." It's the latter portion of which I find myself wrestling; I am naturally dumb so it is, perhaps, an explanation as simple of my own dimwitted wiring. If it is "meant to be sung" it's by virtues its very own features an aria that's never had air; and thus never been heard. When I am au naturel in the shower, gazing in gaping awe at my flaccid Excalibur, are the musical notes emanating from my self-wonderment an actual song? Probably not, right? Furthermore, would anyone want to listen to it? Doubtful. That's aging gracefully or so I suppose, but here at SYFFAL, we adhere to something that's more along the lines of Scorched Earth-No Holds Barred-Naked Old Cray Men-Train...