One Song

Dead Sea - 8.50

One Song: Dead Sea - 8.50

Joel Frieders | February 23, 2017
I clicked play on this sumbitch this morning after my kids got on the bus. It's been unseasonably warm, the windows are still all dew-ey, the sun was coming up to my right, and I'm only wearing my trademark hoodie and jeans as I drive myself to work.  Simply put, it's fucking comfortable outside righ meow.  Yet, the sad part, that most conscious humans on earth understand, is that we're experiencing this shift in seasons because we've been steady dicks to the environment. This song, "8.50", from Dead Sea has that sort of shimmering comfortable sweatpants and tube top pleasure laid out as a sort of framework for the track, but then the vocal is that odd sort of hopeless and meek murmur, somehow making the juxtaposition of the two sides the focal point of the track...
my education - Open Marriages

One Song: my education - Open Marriages

Joel Frieders | February 21, 2017
My post rock appetite runs deep. Runs deep. So deep. So deep. {insert comment about how it puts my butt to sleep, but in a good way and not at all sexual} *pops hip* When my thrusting hip hop fists and pulsating electronic dance hips need a rest, I can always rely on instrumental brooding rock shit to carry me. My latest fascination is with my education, who just dropped the track "Open Marriages", which is a blend of 70s fuzz and late 90s romantic comedy soundtracks.  I fucking love overlaid guitar riffs, almost as much as I love a perfect intro into a song. "Open Marriages" has fucking both. Equal parts soothing and aggressive, there is something so fucking inspiring about a track that makes you want to both shut your eyes and clench your fists. Use...
mebitek - The Unconscious

One Song: Mebitek - The Unconscious

Joel Frieders | February 13, 2017
I listened to this track more than a dozen times this weekend. Feeling like a take on something Saltillo would release, this shit has me comfortably brooding. As a sucker for strings that are tastefully executed, I'm even more of a minor key fanboy than one might imagine. The clackety clack of the drums almost feels like shackles being dragged across a dungeon floor and I fucking love it. Introspective and evil, I could listen to this for the rest of my life and not care it's so fucking comfy. No clue who Mebitek is, but The Unconscious has me hitting repeat all damn day.
Why - This Ole King

One Song: Why - This Ole King

Brandon Backhaus | January 5, 2017
You only get one life.  And it might take the whole damn thing to come to terms with it. Admitting your faults and fears and insecurities is really fucking hard.  I find the balance between striving for betterment and feeling content to be a high wire walk over the churning insides of a violent cauldron. Leaning too far in either direction leads to the disarray of complete depression. It’s something that can leave you feeling not good enough, attractive enough, kind enough, competent enough, worthy enough. Enough.  You only get one life.  And I really want to live it.  Fuck New Year’s Resolutions! But if I was going to set a goal for the future, it would be to become more comfortable in my own hair-covered skin. To look in the mirror and see all that I’ve accomplished instead of all that...
Oddisee - Things

One Song: Oddisee - Things

Brandon Backhaus | January 5, 2017
Next sunny day, as the winter blanket of clouds and cold offers a respite, as the bitter and hopeless glances at checking account balances fade to paydays, as the shit show of 2016 gives way to a new year full of stout resolutions and hopeful commitments, hop in whatever vehicle you have acquired in your life as your main form of transportation. Maybe the windows are down and you get your teenage girl on. Maybe headphones are atop your head as you hop on your bike and channel a Goonie or two. Maybe you put on some New Balance, jog out the door and get in touch with your inner Forrest Gump.  Whatever the means, however you listen, when you press play make sure that the track that comes streaming into the holes on the side of your head vibrating tiny bones and causing sound to enter your...
Hanging Valleys, TBD

One Song: Hanging Valleys - T.B.D.

Joel Frieders | November 28, 2016
When I used to live in California, my roommates and I would sort of meet up around the same time every day after work. We'd dick around for an hour or so, talk about what food to cook or whatever, prepare to intoxicate ourselves, and then walk towards Sands Beach in Isla Vista, CA. There we'd then sit in silence and watch the surfers watch the sun sink into the ocean. I never really remembered us making plans to actually do that, it just turned into something that anywhere from two to seven of us would end up doing anywhere from three to seven nights a week.  Call it instictual, call it habit, call it the perfect time to separate mind from body, but it turned into something that I sort of carried with me into my early adult years. Now that I'm over 35, I don't have the luxury of enjoying...
Serengeti + Sicker Man - Doctor My Own Patience

One Song: Serengeti + Sicker Man - Doctor My Own Patience

Joel Frieders | November 22, 2016
I sat on this song all weekend.  Meaning, I started it and then tuned out, almost on purpose, before starting the song over. If you looked at my play count it would reach into the two tree dozens. It somehow distracted me from my own distractions. Was Geti singing? Did I like it? Why am I so sad? But then why am I so comfortable in this sadness? Was this dude talking about anxiety? I've been thinking a lot about my own anxiety these last few weeks. Is me addressing my anxiety enough to conquer it? I've been making a lot of assumptions about the image I portray and relying on people's opinions of me instead of what I assume to be the real me, but that gives me anxiety too.  "Doctor My Own Patience" deserves your attention for a few plays, at least. ...
Kauf - Paify

One Song: Kauf - Pacify

Joel Frieders | November 21, 2016
I consider Kauf one of my favorite fonts.  It isn't like his music is just a "type", or of a certain "style", it's that his music is so fucking appreciated I use it like I use my favorite fonts; all day, and sometimes in all caps, and occasionally bold and underlined, much like my wardrobe. His new jamjam, "Pacify", feels like that one scene in Revenge of the Nerds where the dude gets lucky in the moon bounce with the hot cheerleader. While you aren't necessarily certain if you're going to get anything wet, when you finally ascertain the proper amount of warmth and moisture, you're weightless, happy, arms flailing every which way. You're just fucking fuck-happy.  Kauf makes me post-moon bounce coitus happy. (SOMEONE PUT THAT ON HIS NEXT PRESS...
Hembree - Holy Water

One Song: Hembree - Holy Water

Joel Frieders | November 16, 2016
I'M BUSY. IF I WAS STAYING IN A HOTEL ROOM I WOULD HAVE PUT THE PLACARD ON THE DOOR HANDLE ALREADY BRO. WHAT AM I DOING YOU AXE? I AM PERFORMING AIR DRUMS FOR THE BAND HEMBREE BRO. HOLD MY BEER. I'M ABOUT TO GO IN. Holy fuck I love this. Hembree is like the Trainspotting soundtrack just pegged the band Foals and they livestreamed it on facebooks so all of us could salivate and shit our pants simultaneously. I always love when I see the visual wavelength of a song and it's ALL MAXXXED THE FUCK OUT, and then when I hit play it doesn't disappoint! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!  "Holy Water" is now the soundtrack to me walking out of work tonight on the way to an adminstration committee meeting where we discuss tax abatements and tax levy estimates AND I PLAY...
koresma - sun begins to pour

One Song: Koresma - Sun Begins To Pour

Joel Frieders | November 16, 2016
I don't know how this dude keeps making music that simultaneously puts me in a food coma and makes me want tacos. Normally it's the latter then the former, but here Koresma knows I'm hungry, but taps me with his witchin' stick on the forehead and I'm splayed bro. I'M SPLAYED THE FUCK OUT. Koresma makes relaxing and erotic synonymous. "Sun Begins To Pour", with the benefit of sultry and lilty (sultrilty?) vocals from Alaska Reid, sounds like a week-long orgy where everyone gets a goodie bag filled with footie pajamas and a 4oz bottle of lean. If a song has ever made someone want to wear those socks that are just a few inches south of the taint when pulled up all the way, then I don't know how else to convince you that that's a...