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Bandcamp Artist of the Week
father mountain, bandcamp, on leaving and being left behind, indie rock
Father Mountain is our Bandcamp Artist of the Week.
Bandcamp Artist of the Week
Sludge Factorie, v8, morbidly-o-beats
Morbidly-O-Beats and v8 TFD are Sludge Factorie and they are our Bandcamp Artist of the Week.
Bandcamp Artist of the Week
DOUG, FOOL, Indie, Rap
This week we discuss the independent artist DOUG and his album FOOL.

Music Videos


Our album premiere and Interview with the Wrecking Crew MC, and Cat Jedi Master,
Curly Castro is a man with a wolverine's growl, a samurai's sharpness, a nerd's layered comic book references, and a film buffs knowledge of characters and quotes. He is a key member of the Philidelphia based Wrecking Crew along with Zilla Rocca, Has-Lo, Small Professor, Castle and PremRock. He spits with fire, frustration and passion in every rhyme. He raises two ninja cats, has locks,...
Indie music blog, indie music, album reviews, band interviews, pop culture blog
As bloggers it is easy to forget about the grind that the artists we cover go through just to get a record in our greasy meat mitts. We forget that each song is not just composed of the emotions and musical talents of the artist but also the blood, sweat, and tears of seemingly endless physical labor. It is so much easier to be on the listening end, passing our pompous judgments from the comfort...
Indie music blog, indie music, album reviews, band interviews, pop culture blog
It seems like 100 years ago that Arizona "noise rap" outfit Moodie Black first dropped Nausea on Fake Four, Inc. It's felt like that to them to. And we're the ones lucky that it did. Because, like Drake if Drake was possessed by the devil in Ms. Jones, Moodie Black have surprise premiered a brand new batch of boombasticness with their new EP, MBII. With the noise level turnt way up, the...
Indie music blog, indie music, album reviews, band interviews, pop culture blog
Someone needs to run to the state of Minnesota, the cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis and bottle what the Fuck ever is running through thier water supply ASAP (no rocky)!!! If it isn't the Pappy's of indie rap grinding Atmosphere, or the X-Men of rap Doomtree, it's the pizza/weed/yoga master Ecid spitting that mid-western frame of mind like only someone who freezes his balls...
Indie music blog, indie music, album reviews, band interviews, pop culture blog
There are musicians, artists if you will, that pay exorbitant amounts of money to invade the inboxes of America. I mean, U2 date raped our iPhones, sonically speaking. There they were and us not remembering shit!  And then there are those artists that you never hear. Talented individuals making quality music heard by almost no one. We are tempted in this information age...


Hey Rosetta!, Trish's Song, tim baker, one song

One Song: Hey Rosetta! - Trish's Song

Today is rainy and grey and I'm all weepy willow.

I can't stop listening to the last track off of Hey Rosetta's latest album. I feel like I should be beside a mother's death bed in a shitty episode of Grey's Anatomy.

.....On my knees...

ClickitTicket | Concert Tickets | Live Shows | Concerts


No longer do we need to wait in long lines outside box offices to get concert tickets, just go here instead and forget about lines!

ClickitTicket has a...

Show Me The Body, The Chemical Brothers, Asphate, Bill Fay, Oddisee, Action Bron

Get Off My Lawn - Don't Let the Sh!tbirds Win

I have a question for you, it is about art, and in a way, I guess about life in general - why should anyone give a Fuck about what someone else, especially if that someone is a stranger, thinks?
I ask this because there was this really cool Chris Rock video from Real...

Wolf Alice, Bros, Dirty Hit, Rock

One Song: Wolf Alice - Bros

If you have ever paid attention to anything we have ever done at SYFFAL, then you know how often we toss around the word BRO. I blame Joel mostly but it has become as much a part of SYFFAL culture as doing the wang helicopter or putting a finger in Tom's chin crevice.

So when a track...

Alabama Shakes, Sound & Color, review, indie

New Release Tuesday: Alabama Shakes - Sound & Color

Did you know I discovered Alabama Shakes?

I discovered them before anybody else did because I read about them on a blog. But that blogger shouldn't get credit for discovering them because....well JUST BECAUSE.


Seriously though. I love seeing deserving...

Allies, Sigur Ros, JC Autobody, Nedarb Nagrom, Billy Woods, In The Whale

Get Off My Lawn - A Musical Odyssey Towards Grumpiness & Understanding

I’m back fuckers.

It has been almost a year since I walked out of the hallowed halls of SYFFAL High and like all burn out losers who get a taste of the real world and how much being an adult sucks, I came back in a supped up Camaro to cruise the...

trails and ways, skeletons, dream pop, electro

One Song: Trails and Ways - Skeletons

My ex-bestie/current-bestie Tim used to be all about Trails and Ways. Dude once sent me a picture of his hairless chest with a big T&W slathered betwixt his nipples in nutella. That was his way of describing the musicular girthness of his fair Trails and Ways...

father john misty, the vic, chicago, april 3rd, 2015, concert review

Father John Misty @ The Vic - Chicago - April 3rd, 2015

I wanted Father John Misty to be my favorite concert ever really fucking bad.

I wanted his snark to translate even better than I had hoped it would. I wanted the people around me to be just as cheesed the Fuck out as I...

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