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Bandcamp Artist of the Week
big jaw, bandcamp, rock, ft wayne, indiana, indie, Photophobia
This week's Bandcamp Artist of the Week is Ft. Wayne, Indiana rock band Big Jaw.
Bandcamp Artist of the Week
Analog Dive, RSI, Wreckon
Analog Dive is our Bandcamp Artist of the Week
Bandcamp Artist of the Week
Sammy Warm Hands, freewrites, graves33, smoke-filled rooms
Sammy Warm Hands is our Bandcamp Artist of the Week


Indie music blog, indie music, album reviews, band interviews, pop culture blog
I’ve known this kid Jake on the internet for a few years now. We have a lot in common besides just our skin color and our affinity for spandex and white wine. Hell, our kids are breathing the same oxygen and we share his wife as an instagram follower, we’re practically related bro. When Jacob (THAT’S CAS ONE BRO) mentioned he was dropping the video for the track I almost got...
Our Guerilla Interview with EL-P from Run the Jewels
In May, I went to a free Run the Jewels show. "Free" meaning free show, free food and free beer courtesy of FADER. I went to have a good time and get nice and drunk. I ran into Rhymefest earlier in the night (Chicago legend, also notably a collaborator with Kanye and even lesser known as an MC who kind of destroyed Eminem at Scribble Jam in the late 90's before he even released the Slim...
Chaz Kangas, Hip Hop, Rex Manning Day
Chaz Kangas used to write for us. Chaz Kangas is 5’7” and 143 lbs of sensual man meat that smells like Body Shop White Musk massage oil for your soul. Chaz Kangas is the rap equivalent of Zack Morris if he spelled his name with a Y (I’ll let you figure out where the Y goes). Not only is he locking down all the hottest lunch room poon, he can also stop time and will eventually...
Rheteric Ramirez aka  Neitzsche Cortez | Hellfyre Club
Interviews are one of my favorite parts of being a SYFFALeer. The reason: intimacy. Album reviews, video postings, column additions? None come close to the interview on the scale o'sensh. So you know that if we've interviewed a band it's because we've usually reached out and begged and stalked and pestered them until they acquiesce. It parallels our love lives.  I had a chance to chop it up...
Indie music blog, indie music, album reviews, band interviews, pop culture blog
I was asked to interview Rival Sons a couple of weeks ago and I had no idea who they were. And because I don't want to interview a shitty band I requested to preview their latest album Great Western Valkyrie before committing.   Holy shit on cornbread! The hot and dry sound on this album has evaporated the pleather pants off my hairy legs. I...


no words, foo fighters, cubby bear, 10.17.14, dave grohl

No Words - Foo Fighters @ Cubby Bear 10.17.14

Tif was one of the few lucky ones to catch Foo Fighters at the Cubby Bear this past Friday. She snagged a couple of pics. Check em out:


no words, the bots, double door, 10.10.14

No Words - The Bots @ Double Door 10.10.14

Tif went to go see The Bots at the Double Door on 10-10-14. Click through that slide show below to see them pics. 



ClickitTicket | Concert Tickets | Live Shows | Concerts


No longer do we need to wait in long lines outside box offices to get concert tickets, just go here instead and forget about lines!

ClickitTicket has a...

Amplified Parts, Guitars, Amplifiers, Tubes | Music



You probably already know that a bunch of us SYFFALITICS are/were musicians. So we fucking get it, it’s hard out there for a musician bro. Not only are you constantly dealing with your parents questioning your lifestyle choices and telling you...

One Song. The Coasts, 3 Miles, Racilia outtake

One Song: The Coasts - 3 Miles (Racilia outtake)

Did you listen to me a couple of month's ago about The Coasts?

Remember, I reviewed their second full-length album, Racilia, and I loved it? I think I described it as Bright Garage rock. You...

Johnny LHRB

Johnny is on Left Hand Right Brain Podcast...Again!!

Johnny's celebrity status is steadily on the rise and he makes another appearance on the Left Hand Right Brain podcast.

We are worried that this might go to his head so we've locked him in the SYFFAL basement and are feeding him only energy drinks and peanut butter crackers. There is a...

Cultures Collide Festival Los Angeles To Invade Echo Park Again!


Beth and I, Syffal's Los Angeles Team Sessypants, is on the press list for the 5th annual Culture Collide Festival!!!

I had such a blast ...

Damien Rice, I Don't Want To Change You, My Favourite Faded Fantasy, Rick Rubin,

One Song: Damien Rice - I Don't Want To Change You

8 years.

That is how long it's been since Damien Rice has released an album. And I have a feeling that I'm probably the only one at SYFFAL who is down with Damien Rice because his songs are on the verge of being overly sappy, but I can't deny the feelz...



Field Medic speaks my language of languishing, lethargy, and lithium-laden ladels.  He's a peripheral character from the iconic nineties opus "Reality Bites" who built himself a time machine and traveled to 2014.  Every piece of his music is depressing and eventually rendered...

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