BlabberMouf - InstantFlava (Feat.Christmaz) Prod.KickBack (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) Da Shogunz 2016


InstantFlava feat. Christmaz

Brandon Backhaus | October 7, 2016
Tachyon Ghetto Blaster (Orko Eloheim & Kaigen) - Heaven On Earth

Tachyon Ghetto Blaster

Heaven on Earth

Brandon Backhaus | October 3, 2016
Communist Daughter - Roll A Stone

Communist Daughter

Roll A Stone

Tom Dozois | September 21, 2016
The Holy: Can't Remember Your Name

The Holy

Can't Remember Your Name

Joel Frieders | September 20, 2016

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warpaint, heads up


Heads Up
9 out of 10
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Vinyl Cape - The Glitter of Putrescence

Vinyl Cape

The Glitter of Putrescence
7 out of 10
  |  Read Review
Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam, I Has A Dream That Your Were Mine, album review

Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam

I Had A Dream That Your Were Mine
9 out of 10
  |  Read Review


Preoccupations, Thalia Hall, 10.05.16, photos, no words
No Words

Preoccupations (FKA Viet Cong) - Thalia Hall 10.05.16

Tif Impson | October 12, 2016
hanging valleys, coast days

One Song: Hanging Valleys - Coast Days

Joel Frieders | October 7, 2016
How does this dude make EVERY song he writes sound like I'm waking up on a fucking beach? Seriously, Hanging Valleys always makes me feel like I'm just waking up, I rub my eyes, and I'm startled that the eye boogs I go to wipe out of my eyes are super calcified and sandy. Then I look to my finger tips, where I normally have a nice and green goopy eye boog to flick at my wife, and it's a little pile of beachy fucking sand. HANGING VALLEYS IS THE SAND YOU PICK OUT OF YOUR EYE PITS IN PLACE OF EYE BOOGS.  I have listened to "Coast Days" a good 73 times this week already and while I live nowhere near a coast, I love how enveloped in sound I've been since hitting play the first time. The capturing of the slap on the wood of the acoustic guitar is huge because I can imagine the entire texture...
Rachael Yamagata, Thalia Hall, Chicago, photos, 10.04.16
No Words

Rachael Yamagata - Thalia Hall 10.4.16

Tif Impson | October 6, 2016
syffalist, indie music, play list, new music, august, september

SYFFAList - August/September 2016

Tom Dozois | October 6, 2016
Before we jump into this, I'd like to apologize (if anybody cares) for missing last month. But I wasn't feeling 10 songs. Not because there wasn't anything good, but because I got sucked into a few albums and didn't want to listen to anything else.  SO, I combined August and September into one list that I'm very proud of. If you want to feel chill then listen to the beginning. If you want to move in your seat like your subtly trying to relieve that corn hole itch because you are at work and don't want to poke a finger in your bum, then listen to the end.  Without further adieu......  Bon Iver - 8 (circle): I'm honestly really surprised how much everybody i sucking off this Bon Iver album. I'm not coming from the place of a hater because I'm a huge fan, but I can't get into this album at...
ballerina black, telepathy

One Song: Ballerina Black - Telepathy

Joel Frieders | October 4, 2016
Ballerina Black are my favorite trenchcoat wearing 80's synth warriors. These guys take overcast skies and black denim, smoosh them together, and make shit sexy as fuck.  Over the last two tree four years I've relied upon their disinterested sass to make the drab reality of life in America palatable. And while I always imagine I'm wearing a collared jacket that I can then turn up the collar against the wind and cold even when it's 75F and sunny, they have warmed all of my cockles.  If you didn't already know, I'm known for my cockles.  "Telepathy" is dancy without being corny, retro without sounding tinny, but what I'm noticing more and more is that all of the latest releases from Ballerina Black all make me want to wear driving gloves and toss my bangs out of my eyes every few seconds. ...
kauf, key to life

One Song: Kauf - Key to Life

Joel Frieders | October 4, 2016
Kauf reminds me of a leather chair. NO, WE AIN'T TALKIN' FETISH PLAY BRUH! I was first introduced to Kauf a number of years ago, and back then I had this awesome chair where I would intoxicate myself and listen to music. I attribute the feels of sitting in that comf ass chrrr to more than just the value of the construction and material comfort it afforded me. I owe a lot of that chair's comfort to the music I discovered while sitting in it, in various stages of intoxication. For some obvious reason, Kauf's voice always relaxes me, his beats always soothe me, and I always look like a fucking asshole while listening to him because of the random body movements I am inspired to perform while he is inside of my side face holes. ENTER "Key to Life". That plodding rhythm reminds me of the time...
Cars and Trains - Secret Worlds

One Song: Cars and Trains - Secret Worlds

Brandon Backhaus | October 3, 2016
Cars & Trains is fucking with us.  Portland’s electronic-folk toy-instrument live-looping god-piece is straight up fucking with us.  He has released Secret Worlds, a new 1-track album scrapped together from remnants of piano/cello sessions with musician William Ryan Fitch and long repressed memories.  What gaul Cars & Trains must have? Releasing a record with 1 fucking track. Next he’ll tell us that he’s going to start including Planes and Razor Scooters.  “Secret Worlds” is tinkling and childlike a it builds and builds and adds new layers on top of new layers until it hums to a frenetic crescendo like a first kiss.  Cars & Trains, you bastard. Getting me all worked up and panting and then you just leave. No note. No number. Just gone. I want more songs, you lazy bastard!  You...
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