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Bandcamp Artist of the Week
Sludge Factorie, v8, morbidly-o-beats
Morbidly-O-Beats and v8 TFD are Sludge Factorie and they are our Bandcamp Artist of the Week.
Bandcamp Artist of the Week
DOUG, FOOL, Indie, Rap
This week we discuss the independent artist DOUG and his album FOOL.
Bandcamp Artist of the Week
big jaw, bandcamp, rock, ft wayne, indiana, indie, Photophobia
This week's Bandcamp Artist of the Week is Ft. Wayne, Indiana rock band Big Jaw.

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Our Interview with FilthyBroke Records' MJC
Somewhere in some past time that has since melted into the puddle that has become the present, I came to worship at the beat altar of one Morbidly-O-Beats. Morbid (Jake Holmen) is a Chicago-based producer and connoisseur of all things musically fringe and wonderful. He seems to have his considerably talented and supple hands in all kind of projects. One of those projects is a record label called...
Indie music blog, indie music, album reviews, band interviews, pop culture blog
If you’ve been a fan of Los Angeles underground at all over the last 15 years, chances are you’ve heard of Gajah, either as a part of Acid Reign along with beOND, or as an alumni of the infamous Project Blowed open mic in LA. Gajah has a lengthy discography under his belt, and has added to it with another banger, Hands Of Gold Are Always Cold, that was produced by Uncommon Nasa....
Indie music blog, indie music, album reviews, band interviews, pop culture blog
I’ve known this kid Jake on the internet for a few years now. We have a lot in common besides just our skin color and our affinity for spandex and white wine. Hell, our kids are breathing the same oxygen and we share his wife as an instagram follower, we’re practically related bro. When Jacob (THAT’S CAS ONE BRO) mentioned he was dropping the video for the track I almost got...
Our Guerilla Interview with EL-P from Run the Jewels
In May, I went to a free Run the Jewels show. "Free" meaning free show, free food and free beer courtesy of FADER. I went to have a good time and get nice and drunk. I ran into Rhymefest earlier in the night (Chicago legend, also notably a collaborator with Kanye and even lesser known as an MC who kind of destroyed Eminem at Scribble Jam in the late 90's before he even released the Slim...
Chaz Kangas, Hip Hop, Rex Manning Day
Chaz Kangas used to write for us. Chaz Kangas is 5’7” and 143 lbs of sensual man meat that smells like Body Shop White Musk massage oil for your soul. Chaz Kangas is the rap equivalent of Zack Morris if he spelled his name with a Y (I’ll let you figure out where the Y goes). Not only is he locking down all the hottest lunch room poon, he can also stop time and will eventually...


Favorite Albums, best of, 2014, Open Mike Eagle, The War On Drugs, Death From Ab

SYFFAL's Favorite Albums of 2014

2014 was a calendar year for SYFFAL.


Nah, frealdo, 2014 was a dope year for the SYFFALs. I mean, lots of weird shit happened. For example...

phantogram, caribou, taylor swift, flight facilities, open mike eagle

SYFFAL's Favorite Songs of 2014

Whenever it comes to musical taste I always preach there is no right and  there is no wrong.

Especially no wrong.

Our job at SYFFAL is not to tell you what to listen to; there are thousands of blogs who pretend to be the authority in that area. Rather, we share with our...

ClickitTicket | Concert Tickets | Live Shows | Concerts


No longer do we need to wait in long lines outside box offices to get concert tickets, just go here instead and forget about lines!

ClickitTicket has a...

It's FREEcember at Fake Four Records!

It's FREEcember at Fake Four Records!

David and Ceschi and all the dudes and dudettes over at Fake Four, Inc. are literally giving away this store this holiday season. Every Friday in December a completely free new project from the likes of ...

Purple, Haerts, Ben Howard, Gajah, Milo, Free Fall

Favorite Albums - 4th Quarter - 2014

Quarter four is like the calm before the Year-End storm. And this year has been fucking nuts! I can’t sugar coat that shit. I got fatter. My exwife got skinnier. My kids got bigger and thus eat more and need new shoes all the time. I...

TOPS, Sego, Uncommon Nasa, Run The Jewels, The Barr Brothers

Favorite Songs - 4th Quarter - 2014

What's in a song?

Per Google's definition, dawg: "a short poem or other set of words set to music or meant to be sung."

It's the latter portion of which I find myself wrestling; I am naturally dumb so it is, perhaps, an explanation as simple of my own dimwitted wiring. If...

no Words, Haerts, Schubas, Chicago, concert, indie

No Words - Haerts @ Schubas on 11.29.14

No Words. Tif photographs the Haerts show on 11/29/14. Read our review of Haerts self-titled LP here




Today we tell you why you should stop sleeping on Aboriginal Beats

STOP SLEEPING: Aboriginal Beats

Bro: Aboriginal Beats; reiterating: ABORIGINAL BEATS. My pipe dream is that when I jock my jocking is so subtle and deft as to go undetected (how detached am I, right?). When and where Aborignal Beats is concerned I am tossing the rule book out...

SYFFALIST, Small Wonder, The Amazing, Cold Front, TOPS

Tom's SYFFAList for November 2014

It's amazing how fast November flies by. It's already time to start talking about the fabricated war on Christmas and i almost forgot to publish my SYFFAList.  

If you know what's good for you check out the tracks I'm digging as of late. If you like anything...share it and BUY some...

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