"SUFFOC-HATE" - OFFICIAL VIDEO -  Ancient Astronauts & Asphate

Ancient Astronauts & Asphate


Joel Frieders | September 3, 2015
Black Violin - Stereotypes

Black Violin


Joel Frieders | September 2, 2015
Major Lazer x DJ Snake feat. MØ - Lean On (Miracles of Modern Science string cover)

Miracles of Modern Science

Lean On (Major Lazer Cover)

Joel Frieders | September 1, 2015
Trevor James Tillery - Out Of Time (Official Video)

Trevor James Tillery

Out Of Time

| August 31, 2015

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balthazar, thin walls


Thin Walls
10 out of 10
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9 out of 10
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Words Hurt - Alkast Remixes

Words Hurt

Alkast Remixes
8 out of 10
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SYFFAList, best songs of August, 2015
Favorite Songs

Tom's SYFFAList - August 2015

Tom Dozois | September 2, 2015
astronauts, etc. shake it loose

One Song: Astronauts, etc. - Shake It Loose

Joel Frieders | September 1, 2015
Ah fuck. This is fucking smooth balls.  While I wasn't sure if I was down with Astronauts, etc., I can now properly slap myself with the balls I just called smooth and start the relationship between their fingies and my side face holes (ears bro) over. Holy fucking guitar work. I'd like to formally announce that myself and "Shake It Loose" are going steady. I've already sketched the name into my trapper keeper, "Shake It Loose" has already handed over the letterman's jacket and the last pair of drawls it wore at track practice. This fucking song sounds like the soundtrack to a Moonlighting episode, but instead of lawyers and Bruce Willis, it's all sex between doctors in the doctor's lounge and un-reimbursible rectal exams on the lunch table. I WANT ALL OF THE SEX. ASTRONAUTS, ETC. THIS IS...

One Song: Volkova Sisters - Holiday

Joel Frieders | September 1, 2015
I have no idea what the fuck is happening around me but I'm simultaneously confused, aroused, and petrified.  Volkova Sisters are a SYFFAL submission that juuuuuuust rolled in this morning and I accidentally opened the link and the soundcloud started playing. I walked away from my desk to check the printer as the song somehow materialized, and here I am bent backwards over my desk chair doing the dance from Thriller while my shirt takes itself off via gravity bro. I'm not just hypnotized, I'm erotically hypnotized you fetishy, leather-clad bastards. Wherever the fuck Volkova Sisters are from, it sounds Eastern European, and like they've seen some shit. While the song suggests I should get to fondling myself, the mood reminds me that there's probably land mines nearby so I shouldn't turn...
altered tapes, Jamie xx "Loud Places (Altered Tapes Rework)"

One Song: Altered Tapes - Jamie xx - "Loud Places (Altered Tapes Rework)"

Joel Frieders | August 28, 2015
Altered Tapes just fingerbanged Jamie xx's "Loud Places" in a way I didn't think imaginable. While the track was already a loose shouldered "I'M NOT USING MY EYES ANYWAY" jam for me, I never considered hitting it this hard. I mean, the chorus on the original gives my goose pimples goose pimples, but here, I have goose pimples with huge erections and they're playing swords all over my fucking lumpy Luxembourgian body bros. IT'S LIKE I'M ON DRUGS, but drugs that only a self-respecting beacon of the people's loins could ingest.  Maker and Trew are fucking assholes for this. I had JUST gotten over my addiction to this album.  So what are we working with on this remake? Stuttered house shoe'd house moves, horns one might listen to with a fever on a Saturday Night, and HARPS bro. MAD HARPS. I...
Hello.L.A. Label Sampler

Quick Fix: Hello.L.A. - Label Sampler

Brandon Backhaus | August 27, 2015
I've been blessed to be included somehow in a group of rappers and producers all working under the umbrella of French artist Bertrand Blanchard. Bertrand started Hello.L.A. as a place to slang his art, and, what he is most known for, his concert and music posters. His taste in bands, as evidenced by who he chose to make posters for, fit to my sensibilities like a cog in a huge machine. So we were instantly friendly. Bertrand even designed the current incarnation of our Syffal logo as seen on social media.  But Bertrand would soon transform Hello.L.A. from art house to actual record label. Blanchard curates some of the most interesting, underground, slept on, and brutally honest rappers and producers around. My peoples!  I sent him a copy of my EP, Theodore, earlier this year and he...
blisses b, tour

Quick Fix: Blisses B Midwest Tour - Chicago! Kalamazoo! Delton!

Joel Frieders | August 26, 2015
Blisses B are one of the pi-bro-neers of the SYFFAL generation bro. For fuck's sake they covered "Hey Dude" for our Pop Cultures Collide series back in 2011, they should be knighted! Regardless, our bros who bastian the letter B are hitting the midwest in a few weeks and WE WANT YOU TO GO, BE A BRO, AND CHEER FOR THE BLISSES THAT ARE B! Take a gander at these here dates and pick a good'n AND GO THE FUCK OUT TO SEE BLISSES B BRO! Visit their Faceboogs page for more info bros.  Thursday, September 10th @ 8pm Underground Wonder Bar 710 North Clark Street Chicago, IL 60654 Friday, September 11th Old Dog Tavern 402 E. Kalamazoo Avenue Kalamazoo, MI 49007
top 40, radio, group love, rac, panic is perfect, m83
Favorite Songs

SYFFAList - Why aren't these guys good enough for the radio?

Tom Dozois | August 25, 2015
Call me perfasanated or faslexed.  I've written that I'm now an occasional radio listener thanks to my kids. And I'm continually surprised when I hear bands/artists that we've covered years ago get play time on Top 40.  I don't mean to make that observation as a humble brag, like I'm some big dick swingin' taste maker. If you enjoy discovering music that isn't force fed to you, you also have probably made these same observations. And it's not necessarily that the internet has kept us on the cutting edge of good music, but because the music industry is soooooo slow. We are talking about the same music industry that rewarded a 'Best New Artist' Grammy to Bon Iver after he released his second album that was not nearly as critically acclaimed as his first. BUT how and why do...
Joel Frieders | August 24, 2015
Joel Frieders | August 23, 2015
Joel Frieders | August 20, 2015
Brandon Backhaus | August 19, 2015
Joel Frieders | August 18, 2015
Tom Dozois | August 13, 2015
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