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Bandcamp Artist of the Week
father mountain, bandcamp, on leaving and being left behind, indie rock
Father Mountain is our Bandcamp Artist of the Week.
Bandcamp Artist of the Week
Sludge Factorie, v8, morbidly-o-beats
Morbidly-O-Beats and v8 TFD are Sludge Factorie and they are our Bandcamp Artist of the Week.
Bandcamp Artist of the Week
DOUG, FOOL, Indie, Rap
This week we discuss the independent artist DOUG and his album FOOL.

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Our interview with Taurus Scott.
Taurus Scott is man doing what I know so many of us out here hope to be doing one day, eating off his art like a fucking kitchen table! Besides being a sought-after DJ, he's a producer for Hellfyre Club, SMOG Records, the Low End Theory-affiliated, Alpha Pup. That's a resume that'd get you hired at the musical equivalent of Goldman-Sachs, except Taurus ain't...
Elsphinx, Brain Cave Deluxe, Pig Food Records, Hip Hop, Albany
Every so often, old hip hop heads get bored with what's going on in da rapz world. There's too many 2 Chainz or Drake knock offs. We get lost in what's supposed to be cool and force ourselves to listen to the new kids on the block. We try to jam out on every new critically acclaimed Pitchfork album, hoping we understand something we seem to be missing. I for one,...
Our interview with Sahtyre.
I first met Sahtyre as this dude who walked up and introduced himself as, well, Sahtyre. I couldn't tell if he was being satirical. It was at a house party in Echo Park where I rapped on a lawn with no shoes on. Also Sole performed but seemed kind of annoyed when I tried to talk to him. I've been told, that's Sole. I would run into Sahtyre again and again. It's not like we were buds, but the...
Our album premiere and Interview with the Wrecking Crew MC, and Cat Jedi Master,
Curly Castro is a man with a wolverine's growl, a samurai's sharpness, a nerd's layered comic book references, and a film buffs knowledge of characters and quotes. He is a key member of the Philidelphia based Wrecking Crew along with Zilla Rocca, Has-Lo, Small Professor, Castle and PremRock. He spits with fire, frustration and passion in every rhyme. He raises two ninja cats, has locks,...
Indie music blog, indie music, album reviews, band interviews, pop culture blog
As bloggers it is easy to forget about the grind that the artists we cover go through just to get a record in our greasy meat mitts. We forget that each song is not just composed of the emotions and musical talents of the artist but also the blood, sweat, and tears of seemingly endless physical labor. It is so much easier to be on the listening end, passing our pompous judgments from the comfort...


Pop Radio, Music Industry, Clear Channel

Music Ruined My Life: Am I Bad Because I Listen To Pop Radio?

Having kids changes what you listen to because at their young age we can't instill our taste upon them. In the car they want to listen to their top 40 tunes; not the new Destroyer album I just grabbed. And as they get older and develop their own tastes for certain music, I...

Sister Crayon at The Echo - Echo Park, L.A. 7/16/15

Sister Crayon at The Echo - Echo Park, L.A. 7/16/15

Last night was one for the ages. For many people a great night out consists of getting shit-faced and waking up next to a stranger. God knows I've had my fair share of that kind of turnt. But last night I was reminded that a fucking awesome...

Moodhouse Podcast

This Moodhouse Podcast makes me wanna rub vegetable oil all over my body and deep fry myself!

The Moodhouse Podcast is the podcast from Moodie Black's K Death aka Chris Martinez. The Moodhouse Podcast stays shining the light of truth into the dark recesses of indie music success with conspiracy theories, and F...

ClickitTicket | Concert Tickets | Live Shows | Concerts


No longer do we need to wait in long lines outside box offices to get concert tickets, just go here instead and forget about lines!

ClickitTicket has a...

Favorite Songs, 2nd Quarter, 2015, Jamie XX, Sister Crayon, Banditos

Favorite Songs - 2nd Quarter - 2015

Don't go to that 'Merica BBQ this weekend without an up to date playlist and get caught with your pants at yer ankles when it's your turn on the Jawbone bros. Remember: The Jawbone is life. The life, it is the bone of jaws. 

BUT before you make that playlist we have some...

Favorite Albums - 2nd Quarter 2015

I dare anyone to say the second quarter of 2015 doesn't have huge luscious music balls dangling down against their forehead bro. As much as Top 40 radio wants us to believe there are only four songs available for your listening pleasure, WE ASSURE YOU BROS, THERE IS MUCH MUCH MORE.


dirty digital, chicago, outerlimitz, qwa, silence, galapagos4, lefthouse

Dirty Digital dangle their dangle balls onto the bare foreheads of society with Mumbles, featuring Adad!

I was supposed to add three things to the grocery list app on my phone, but Facebook was open and no matter how many times I hit the home button it wouldn't take me away from the Facebook. 

I must've pawed at this gargantuan asshole I call a phone a good two tree times. But fate...

One Song - D.V.S* - Hashu feat. Stév

One Song - D.V.S* - Hashu feat. Stév

When I've played a song for every single person that has come into my life in the span of a week, it has been decreed that I need adopt said song into my life like a dog from the pound.

"Hashu" feat. Stév from Emancipator's Loci...

No words, Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds, NGHFB, The Riv, 5.29.15

No Words - Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds @ The Riv on 5.29.15

All pictures. No words. Noel Gallagher hit Chicago on 5.29.15.

The goods lie inside that slideshow. 








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