The Lone Bellow, Thalia Hall, Chicago, live music, concert, no words
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The Lone Bellow - Thalia Hall | Chicago | 10.11.17

Tif Impson | October 16, 2017
gang of youths, heroes

One Song: Gang of Youths - HEROES

Joel Frieders | October 12, 2017
Tom sent me this band because he knew I needed it. This band's latest album, Go Farther In Lightness, hasn't really left my routine since Tom sent it to me.  Gang of Youths sort of have everything I need in a favorite band: beautiful instrumentation, powerful lyrics, similarities to bands I've grown up on, incredible crescendos, song topics that literally step on my throat.  I know many of you don't remember when the Wallflowers released their version of Bowie's "Heroes", because you're all 15 years old right now, but that chorus is forever burned into my memory as being one of the few times the chorus of a song has pushed me to tears (before I became a sensitive Stanley that is).  And it's perfect timing for Gang of Youths, not just because they're seriously my favorite...
Fleet Foxes, Chicago, Chicago Theatre, October 3 2017, Nonesuch Records, Crack Up, SubPop, Robin Pecknold, Indie Folk, Folk Rock, No Words, live music, music photography, SYFFAL, Rocktober
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Fleet Foxes - Chicago Theatre | Chicago | 10.3.17

Tif Impson | October 11, 2017
Broken Social Scene, Aragon, Chicago, No Words, SYFFAL, live music, music photography
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Broken Social Scene - Aragon | Chicago | 9.29.17

Tif Impson | October 9, 2017
Middle Kids, Lincoln Hall, Chicago, photos, concert photography, No Words
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Middle Kids - Lincoln Hall | Chicago | 09.06.17

Tif Impson | September 13, 2017
Manchester Orchestra, Pandora Invasion 2017, Morgan MFG, Chicago, No Words, photos, concert photography
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Manchester Orchestra - Pandora Invasion 2017 | Morgan MFG | 8.2.17

Tif Impson | August 7, 2017
Charles Bradley, the Cool Kids, House of Vans, Chicago, photos, No Words, concert photography, live music
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Charles Bradley - The Cool Kids | House of Vans | 7.13.17

Tif Impson | July 19, 2017


Me Like Bees | July 17, 2017
ONCE AGAIN OUR FRIENDS IN ME LIKE BEES ARE PROVIDING THE CROSS COUNTRY GIGGLES AND KEEPING US ABREAST OF THEIR BREASTS AS THEY TOUR THE UNITED STATES AGAIN BECAUSE THEY'RE ONE OF THE BEST BANDS NOT (VISIBLY) ON PERCOCET + LEAN. WE LOVE YOU TIM, LUKE, J-THRILL, PETE,  AND PETE'S ALTER-EGO "POPPA PETE: THE CAUTIOUS KITTEN". GET BRO AND SHOW INFORMATION AT THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE!  CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS! 7/14/17: They say you can’t see much of this beautiful country if you never leave the highway and they are absolutely fucking correct. CAN’T. SEE. SHIT. Indiana looks just like Illinois. Missouri smells just like Kentucky and all Love’s Truck Stops have a McDonalds and Subway attached to it like a cancerous tumor. I made the best of my time today by building storage compartments out of gaffers...
The Internet, inc no world, House of Vans, Chicago, photos, No Words, live music, concert
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The Internet - inc. no world | House of Vans | Chicago | 6.29.17

Tif Impson | July 12, 2017
Japanese Breakfast, Chicago, Bottom Lounge, June 28 2017, photos, no words, live music, concert photography
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Japanese Breakfast - Bottom Lounge | Chicago | 6.28.17

Tif Impson | July 6, 2017