Joel Frieders | June 16, 2017
I am knee deep in the longest musical depression of my adult life.  Since November 6th, 2016, I haven't had the patience to listen to a new album on the whole. I used to listen to life without skipping a damn thing. Since November 6th, 2016, I haven't wanted anything to do with the things music makes me feel. Music used to make me feel like I could walk into anything naked. Since November 6th, 2016, I've replaced my hunger for music and somehow become completely absorbed with the daily news cycle. I turn anxious within hours of not knowing what news is breaking.  In breaking news I'm fucking broken.  If it isn't AP News on Spotify at the top of every hour, it's a daily news podcast giving me all I need to know for the day. If I'm not listening to something like the news, I've taken to...
Gang of Youths, Schubas, photos, No Words, 6.5.17
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Gang of Youths - Schubas | Chicago | 06.05.17

Tif Impson | June 16, 2017
Perfume Genius, No Words, Photos, Concert photography, Lincoln Hall, Chicago, May 25, 2017
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Perfume Genius - Lincoln Hall | Chicago | 05.25.17

Tif Impson | June 6, 2017
Father John Misty, Chicago Theater, Chicago, concerts, photos, May 2017, No Words, concert photography, live music
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Father John Misty - Chicago Theater | 5.15.17

Tif Impson | May 22, 2017
Photos, Charly Bliss, Schubas, Chicago, 5.13.17, sold out
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Charly Bliss - Schubas | Chicago | 5.13.17

Tif Impson | May 17, 2017
Fenech-Soler, pictures, Lincoln Hall, Chicago, concert, live music, concert photography, no words
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Fenech-Soler - Lincoln Hall | Chicago | 05.05.17

Tif Impson | May 11, 2017
Overcoats, Chicago, Schubas, photos, no words
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Overcoats - Schubas | Chicago | 5.04.17

Tif Impson | May 9, 2017
Pond, Empty Bottle, Chicago, 5.3.17, live music, photos, no words, concert photograph
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Pond - Empty Bottle | Chicago | 5.3.17

Tif Impson | May 8, 2017
San Fermin, Thalia Hall, April, Chicago, photos, No Words
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San Fermin - Thalia Hall | Chicago | 4.12.17

Tif Impson | May 2, 2017
Low Roar, Thalia Hall, Chicago, April 12, photos, No Words
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Low Roar - Thalia Hall | Chicago | 4.12.17

Tif Impson | April 17, 2017