This Patch of Sky - Bella Muerte

Announcements: This Patch of Sky

Joel Frieders | July 13, 2017
My adoration and admiration for This Patch of Sky is quite public. My appreciation for their music has awarded me strength I didn't know I had. During some of the worst times of my life, over the last near decade, I've found solace, encouragement, inspiration, and calm within the music of This Patch of Sky. I somehow magically befriended the members of the band five or six years go on the internets, and I've followed, liked, and commented on a majority of their successes over their recent history. But now with the announcement of their signing to Graphic Nature Records (an arm of Equal Vision Records) made just today, I have a selfish announcement of my own. After days of discussing the following with my wife Julie, I was given the OK to...
leitbur, Antique Travelers

Announcements: Leitbur - Antique Travelers

Joel Frieders | May 10, 2016
SYFFAL favorite Leitbur just dropped his new album Antique Travelers, and BECAUSE HE LOVES ME, HE LET ME STREAM THE WHOLE DAMN THANG ON LE SYFFAL! Combining the soft 80s pop of a Miami handjob and a slow motion high school sports montage into one soothing and delicious aural beverage, Leitbur's Antique Travelers is the audible version of having the windows down. Since coming into contact with Leitbur's music, I've spent about 15% more time considering purchasing pastel colored shorts, ABOVE THE KNEE THO! OH FUCK! AM I MATURING OR AM I JUST LOOKIN OUTSIDE OF MY COMFORT ZONEZ? If you have even an ounce of sensual potential (potensuals) in your adorable body, I urge you to click play, and then click away and let the day get...
Sound Minds Music Festival

Announcements: Sound Minds Music Festival - Sunday August 16, Brooklyn - Sound Minds Music Festival

Tim Baker | August 10, 2015
Friends of SYFFAL, Josh Sinton, Adam Hopkins & Threes Brewing present the Sound Minds Music Festival in Brooklyn NY. For details on this exciting day of booze and music check the information provided be the satchel of sensh himself, Josh Sinton. Love, Tim New York City’s vibrant musical culture is as rich and varied as it’s ever been. It’s also become uncompromisingly crowded and competitive. In a city of over eight million people (many of whom are striving artists), it’s shocking and untenable that there are only a handful of annual festivals for creative music and jazz. Brooklyn-based musicians Josh Sinton and Adam Hopkins decided to remedy this situation. This August, they are teaming up with Threes Brewing to present some of their favorite music and musicians in the first Sound...

Announcements: Emancipator - Diamonds (Live)

Brandon Backhaus | June 3, 2015
Emancipator, with his release, Safe in the Steep Cliffs, catapulted himself into my ears like a miniature person with a mission to massage my malleus. Let's just say that I'm the one who got the happy ending. It seems Emancipator, whose government name is Doug Appling, is in no way done. In fact, dude doubled down, took a long draw of whiskey, leaned back in his chair, hands resting across his chest, flirting with his own nipples, a smirk across his smug face like he's staring at fucking blackjack. Emancipator has branched out, debuting the Emancipator En-fucking-semble last year. That's Emancipator's layered and...

Announcements: Low Cut Connie - The Tonic Room in Chicago on 5/30

Tom Doz | May 30, 2015
Because I'm getting old(er) I only committ to a concert if I'm 95% certain it's going to singe my ballhairz. AND I don't go to big venues because fuck big venues. If I wanted to watch a concert on a jumbotron I'd stay home and watch Palladia. Thus, standing room only is a must, the samller the better, and I need to get spit and/or sweated on. This is why as soon as Low Cut Connie's show at The Tonic Room was announced, I immideately made that arrangements to cover said show.  No, I never seen Low Cut Connie in person, but I have heard from reputable sources that they singe ball hairz. Not only this, but there is this thing called YouTube and it allows you to see live videos of bands and watch hillariously cute kitten videos. From these videos, and their...

Announcements: FUCK YOU!: Let Whitney Houston Rest In Peace - A Rant, By Brent Hoffman

| February 15, 2012
When I was growing up, I knew this sick girl. Not sick in the physical sense, but in the mental sense. She got made fun of at school because she had some issues that nobody understood. She didn't even understand them herself, and nor did her doctors really, when she was diagnosed with Schizophrenia at the age of 13. It's something hereditary that you're born with that usually doesn't rear it's ugly head until your late teens/early 20's, but it can be brought on early by a traumatic event... like your parents going through a horrible divorce. She was one of the youngest diagnosed cases of Schizophrenia that any of the dozens of doctors she saw had ever seen or heard about. Imagine being twelve years old and opening your closet to find a dead woman with a knife sticking out of her stomach...