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Best Cover Songs

You want the best cover songs? We do too. For some time SYFFAL has been looking to involve the bands that we love to a greater extent on our site. Topless photos of rappers, favorite lox recipes (HI EL-P!) and chortle-inspiring interviews are swell, but we wanted to give our readers added inspiration to peep our naughty bits on a regular basis.

We all love cover songs. While we might not want to see a shit bar band playing She Talks To Angels, the familiar embrace factor is apparent, and you probably already know that SYFFAL loves pop culture. Our writing is knee deep in nostalgic hoopla and retro porn references.

So... what if we asked our favorite bands to record a cover of their favorite theme song from tv shows/movies/cartoons/video games/etc... from our childhood?

People are drawn to nostalgia. We're drawn to great fucking music. It just makes sense that these popular cultures collide at SYFFAL. Each month or so we'll bring you the best cover songs in a new exclusive download from a kick-ass band to collect, reflect, and share with your friends.

UPDATE (10/27/14): We are pushin' for some more PCC covers. We are opening the floor to ANY artist/band, but with some caveats because some artists/bands really suck even though they don't realize they suck:

  • IF SYFFAL HAS featured your music in some way shape or form we will run your PCC cover. No questions asked. Even if it gets Tim angry.
  • IF SYFFAL has NOT featured your music in the past you are welcome to submit your music. All that we promise is that we will listen and if it gives our staff at least 3 out of 6 boners we will run it. AND then we will fence.
  • Please, please, please no duplicates. Go through the songs below and make sure you don't repeat a previously recorded cover.
  • We BOLD because musicians have a tendency to not read carefully.

Submit your PCC cover here. AND BE SURE TO MARK IN THE COMMENTS: Pop Cultures Collide

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