Pop Cultures Collide

Giant Gorilla Dog Thing & PJ Katz

Top That from the film Teen Witch

Tim Baker | December 5, 2012

We might have actually started this series with the hopes that someone would have the stones to cover the legendary Teen Witch Rap which has become the thing of internet legend and recently even to its very own feature on the Grantland Network's Rembert Explains.

Most rappers were either too afraid, to serious, or to rappery (read: lazy) to get this fucker done. Thank god for the good folks at Pig Food Records. Giant Gorilla Dog Thing aka GGDT which consists of rappers Dez and Dood Computer linked up with super producer and cabbie hat champion of the world PJ Katz to tackle this monster, pin it down, and stuff it so we could display it proudly in the SYFFALSTUDY. America and the world have these sensual bags of meat sauce to thank for such an inspiring feat.

I love you pricks. Tim

GGDT (Produced by PJ Katz) - Top That

Earlier this year, PJ Katz learned that he was a descendant of the witches of Salem and had inherited their powers. After getting bored with using his powers to get back at the teachers who teased him, he decides to use them to make this song with Giant Gorilla Dog Thing. While he still struggles with the idea of using his powers to "cheat" his way to popularity, this song is a clear indication that it's probably the right move.