One Song

Serengeti + Sicker Man

Doctor My Own Patience

Joel Frieders | November 22, 2016

I sat on this song all weekend. 

Meaning, I started it and then tuned out, almost on purpose, before starting the song over. If you looked at my play count it would reach into the two tree dozens. It somehow distracted me from my own distractions.

Was Geti singing? Did I like it? Why am I so sad? But then why am I so comfortable in this sadness?

Was this dude talking about anxiety? I've been thinking a lot about my own anxiety these last few weeks.

Is me addressing my anxiety enough to conquer it? I've been making a lot of assumptions about the image I portray and relying on people's opinions of me instead of what I assume to be the real me, but that gives me anxiety too. 

"Doctor My Own Patience" deserves your attention for a few plays, at least. Serengeti + Sicker Man sort of kill this in a way I didn't think possible and I'm sort of in love with it in a really weird way. 

I know I need to experience the feelings I'm having lately as a way of learning about where they came from, and I also need to take chances to find out how to escape and defeat the anxiety that is leading me into this sadness. But when Geti takes a chance and sings his raps this time around, well, it kind of inspires me to just fucking snap walk my way towards the things that are terrifying me. Why let the fear and the anxiety and the sadness erase my own definition of Joel bro? 


It doesn't have to, because it's my way of Serengeti rap-singing. 

Hug people.