Sister Crayon

Sister Crayon - Providence

Sister Crayon - Providence

Brandon Backhaus | October 28, 2015
I literally can't get enough of Sacramento's Sister Crayon. I can't even pretend like the crush isn't real. The throbbing rhythms of Dani Fernandez, and the piercing vocals of Terra ...
Concert Review

Sister Crayon at The Echo - Echo Park, L.A. 7/16/15

Brandon Backhaus | July 17, 2015
Last night was one for the ages. For many people a great night out consists of getting shit-faced and waking up next to a stranger. God knows I've had my fair share of that kind of turnt. But last night I was reminded that a fucking awesome night doesn't have...
Album Review

Sister Crayon - Devoted

Brandon Backhaus | June 11, 2015
I'm sitting on a chair. I'm drinking a cup of coffee. The sky is gray. Not violent but close. My feet are bare. My mind clouded by the weight of freedom. It races. It gets stuck on itself. Music is a key. Or a brake. Or like when you refocus a projector and...
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