Tristan Zammit feat. MF Doom, Ol'Dirty Bastard, and Earl Sweatshirt

Huey, Sorcerer of the Brooklyn Zoo

Brandon Backhaus | July 20, 2016

I just fucking leapt out of my chair, pointed at the screen and screamed, “LOOK AT THIS SHIT, Y’ALL!” to absolutely nobody!

I’m home all alone.

I'm on the internet a lot and at this point almost unshockable. From beheadings to kittens covered in baby chickens, I'm like mostly emotionally numb at this point. So that I hurled my fat ass into the air and raised my voice above a nearly inaudible mumble tells much. This isn’t so much a video from an artist but a shout out to some fucking crazy ill animation. Tristan Zammit, 2D animator and illustrator, put out this animated mix-up of MF Doom, Ol’Dirty Bastard, and Earl Sweatshirt nearly a year ago. I’ve just noticed it posted around social media a bunch over the last week or so. I finally clicked it and was fucking floored at how clean the animation was.

If he doesn’t already, this dude needs his own show! His own two-hour block on Adult Swim. There a nod to Boondocks’ style, but also hints of anime, and Liquid Television. Also this shit is TRISTAN FUCKING ZAMMIT’s OWN SHIT! 

I’m using Zammit as a exclamation from now on. Like, bruh, that shit is Zammit as FUCK tho! 

I don’t know him, but I wish this dude well… Looks like he’s on the path of the righteously dope!