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Qwazaar & Bat Sauce - Bat Meets Blaine - Album Review

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By: Joel Frieders
Qwazaar, Bat Sauce, Bat Meets Blaine, hip hop, chicago, los angeles, minneapolis
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I feel like I just reviewed this.

It was just a few weeks ago when I was bumping the Style Be The King EP, telling everyone I know who isn't already fed up with hip hop completely "GO LISTEN TO THIS shit". And just after I pipe down, yaaarrrr here be the full length. Yet another reason for me to annoy my friends with wide eyes, my fist over an open mouth saying "DUUUUUUDE", and my legs running in place mumbling "YOU GOTSTA PLAY DIS IN YER WHIPPER BRUH!".

Yes, I am an annoying ass-Fuck. Mmmhmm.

But again, Qwazaar and his abominable producer Batsauce, have created something that has just as much replay value as memorable hooks to sing out loud at inopportune times. The chosen few guest spots are perfect compliments to Qwa's chilling and accented quick delivery, with my personal favorites Onry Ozzborn, Offwhyte and Denizen Kane. And then a rapper I was sure had retired and turned professional Phillipino, KP from the Pacifics, just starts in on a verse and I did a triple take on the manpod. IS THAT KP?!?!

Yes, yes it is.

Onry is forever awesome with his near-bored, eyes half shut, I will kill you style of rap. Offwhyte has this calm and almost romantic manner, as if he's rapping into my ear gently while sitting on my shoulder (he's a small rap-parrot, mmhmm). And Denizen Kane is the whisper rap king of Chicago.

There are too many bangers to name when giving props to Batsauce, but his taste in selecting choice soul samples, quaint log cabins of lap tapped drum chops, and eerie as Fuck atmospheric additions make Batsauce one of 2011's biggest surprises. There were a few specific places on BmB where I started the track over and threw out a vocal "dude" before Qwa even came in.

Qwazaar's ability to constantly roll with the beat changes is equally as impressive as his ability to craft each track into standalone singles. There is this singy rap song rapper singing song raps like a rap singer type approach to so many of these tracks that Qwa's bound to cross a few genre lines without even trying. If Mos Def's Umi Says was even a little bit awesome to you, over half of Bat Meets Blaine will shit your drawers for you.

My favorite track after having a few weeks with this is Till It's Done. Starting like a late night turned morning and quickly fast forwarding into another late night, it feels so fucking comfortable I've started a few nights, enjoyed a few nights, and ended a few nights on the same fucking jam. (SNIPPET BELOW)

I don't know what's wrong with the media machine, but this album deserves much more attention than the previous EP did, and I for one will not sit until all you muthafuckers go buy this muthafucker. Qwa is one of the hardest working pricks in music, and this album is easily his best work, so none of you assfaced pimple taints have any fucking excuse not to peep. GO TO Galapagos4 and buy!

Oh, I don't know who the hell Lady Daisey is, but damn she be delicious.

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