World Premiere


Resigned Maestro

Joel Frieders | October 27, 2015

This fucking song "Redesigned Maestro" is all over the fucking place. It's like a dreamy folk song, but then it's got these glitchy electro Radiohead elements, and then it's got some elements of scream and post rock, but it still retains that innocent folkiness where you can totally tell this band had sex outside of marriage. 

GROOMBRIDGE sound like strange smooshwich between Sufjan Stevens and AFI, but instead of there being tattoos on everyone, everyone just carries around the original artwork inspirations for their would-be tattoos and no one judges anyone for all the moons and barbed wire and Chinese characters on everyone's laps. 

If I get around to adding another band to be a fanatic about, I think GROOMBRIDGE would be an exelfuckinglent band to suck off. I mean, there's like 5 different types of music in this ONE fucking song. Can you imagine how many styles these assholes fingerbang on an entire album? Looks like I'll have me chance here in a few weeks as their new album Boy From the Golden City is set to drop early November 2015. 

I'll buy a few bottles of lube and a nice bottom shelf gin and ready myself for an evening of self depreciation in preparation.