In The Whale


Joel Frieders | February 16, 2017

In The Whale is my favorite duo in both rock n roll and interpretive dance.

There. I said it.

Their live shows are so fucking incredible I can't help but talk with my hands when describing how they make me feel performing in front of my face. But one thing I've come to love is how their recorded albums sound so huge within the confines of recorded music. "Galaxie" is no exception, but a great example of how you hear something once and then KNOW it'll fucking murder on stage.

Jesus balls on a baby powder off white sarong worn in a gusty rainstorm by a 37 year old white male with cheeto dust on his fingers and canned pineapple in his loins, this band fucking kills me and I have decided to adopt it, bring it home, bathe it, and then encourage it to continue melting my fucking faceeeeeeeeee.