In The Valley Below

Bloodhands (Oh My Fever)

Joel Frieders | June 30, 2017

I keep running through my office in slow motion, waving imaginary friends behind me to follow me faster and faster and faster.

Sure, I look deranged, but it fits with this In The Valley Below shit, which kind of reminds me of a more theatrical, co-female fronted, version of Foals and me trying to watch the movie CLUE after all these years of the reefer. It's confusing, sure, but it's comfortable enough to take my shoes off and whip out some internet porn on this first generation iPad I found under the couch.

Are you wondering what you're reading? Well, I'm wondering if what you're reading is what you're reading because mabye we aren't really reading anything at all bro.

Either way, "Bloodhands (Oh My Fever)" is some shit and me digs it.