Lost Again

Joel Frieders | July 18, 2017

Last year or the year before or the year before that (I HAVE THREE KIDS AND HAVE LOST ALL SENSE OF TIME IN SPACE OK BRUV?)  SYKOYA entered my side face holes and forever touched me. It was good touch guys, cmon. 

The commanding female vocals sound so incredibly strong among the dank and brooding instrumentation, it's like watching a woman realize she has the power within her to take on the undead. Inspiring as fuck, sure, but holy soothing massage gloves. On "Lost Again", we're forever traipsing around the intensity that initially drew me in with their last release. I love songs like this that keep me on edge, and I love songs that never let me hit that climax, because obviously SYKOYA means "tease and denial" in their native tongue.

Having a bass line sound so strangely square and spaceage, yet sound so perfect among the whisper-strong vocals tells me that SYKOYA has that ability to toss seemingly unrelated textures together and produce something as magically delicious as this. These guys are like the Ballerina Black of female fronted bands, and it makes me wish those two bands would collab at some point.