See More Perspective

"Land of the Sandpeople"

Brandon Backhaus | December 16, 2015

Chicago rapper See More Perspective's "Land of the Sandpeople," featuring Guante and produced by Nye, just dorked up my already dork-filled anticipation of the new Star Wars

I decided the only way to honor such an ode to the galaxy we all so adore would be to create a top ten list of stupid Star Wars rap mashups: 

10. C-B4PO

9. Bubba Fett’s backpack rap. 

8. Paid in Mos Eisley Cantina drink tickets. 

7. Han peep my new Solo EP. 

6. R2D N 2 Deep. 

5. "Quiet Storm" trooper

4. Darth "Vapors"

3. Jar Jar blings

2. Obi Don “Magic” Juan Kenobi

1. Old Dirty Bantha

Enjoy the video, the list, my velvety chest hair, and most importantly the movie.