Amor Fati

Joel Frieders | December 29, 2015

The best part about Phox is that Jake Gyllenhallz provides their craft services. 

The other best thing about Phox, besides all of the sex, is that they're crafty and they're just my type. 

"Amor Fati" is a mini documentary documenting the mini documents the band had mini printed and mini bound in a mini leather booklet that is oddly similar in both mini shape and mini aroma to the original necronomicon once featured in such featured films as "Babe: Pig in the City" and "League of Their Own". After watching this video, I've decided to adopt all of these lovable scamps and Mateo. While I don't agree with their choice of stuffed animals to store under the hood of a Free Candy van, I do think Zach is totes into me, and that Mateo is my spirit animal's favorie emoji. 

If you're a current fan of Phox, or a former fan of Phox, I encourage you to spend the 45 minutes or so this video requires of you, and thank your fucking lucky fucking stars you decided to be a stay at home music fan instead of a tour the world and poop in public musician. 

Pooping outside of the home is horrible. Flying with more than one person is fucking horrible. Having dirty clothes in your bag all the time is horrible. Smelling like a van is horrible because you actually just smell like everyone's smells if those smells all fucked and their post-fuck smells all fucked and had a post-fuck smell about them after smell fucking each other. 

But like my pappy never said to me, "stability is for bitches". But while I don't miss all of the sitting and doing nothing and having to hide masturbation from other people who are also hiding masturbation, the only thing I miss is that feeling that only happens once every 17 shows and makes all that bullshit completely fucking worth it.

Phox, love you too.