Anonymous Call

Joel Frieders | February 10, 2017

I need a brain-cation. 

The brain needs to chill. 

Just like everyone else, everything seems so fucking seedy lately. I can't trust shit anyone says, besides what my wife says in her sleep. Like the other night when all she said was "two tacos" in between garbled mumblings and the sharp intake of breath while snoring. 

She knows me so well. Two tacos is so much better than one tacos bros. 


Fennec just emailed me this fucking track from the latest album, titled One Night Could Change Your Life, and all I can do is hump these tiny Dell computer speakers on my desk. Holy fucking yeaaaaaaaaaaaa. This reminds me of just turning 17 and obsessing over map point locations for underground parties in Chicago that I had no business attending. But holy fuck I remember forgetting everything else in life those nights almost 20 years ago. 

Fuck I'm old. 

But so the fuck what. I'm busy humping these speakers bruv.