Californian Light

Joel Frieders | April 28, 2017

My life has been completely insane lately. Not that yours hasn't been, but I'm celebrating being able to actually kinda sorta see for the first time in a few weeks. I will say one thing I never thought I'd say: Cataracts at 37 is some shit bros. 

The first video I've actually watched since regaining the ability to see is Childhood's "Californian Light". Even without the sense of sight, I fucking love everything about this song. From the falsetto to the velvet Bill Withers' pocket these guys crawled out of, I'm calling Childhood my favorite band of the fucking day. 

Such a comfortable and accessible vibe from a band I've never heard of, but can't wait to obsess over. After my fourth time through this song I got the idea to request that Childhood team up on tour with Mondo Cozmo and then perform together because holy shit they're almost occupying the same exact spot in my fucking chest.