Cas One Vs Figure

Staying Gold

Joel Frieders | April 21, 2017

People from Indiana have weird hangups with death and gore and blood and murder and shit, yea?

*rubs face with rag moistened with turpentine*


Cas One is one of my best internet friends. We don't talk on the phone or hang out in person or trade Pokemon cards or anything like that, but we've had a few of those weird best friend moments where we were there when the other needed him. I'm not saying that to brag or anything, I'm just clarifying because I seem to write more about how proud I am of him than a critique of the actual art he creates.

And this dude creates some shit. 

Cas One Vs Figure just dropped So Our Egos Don't Kill Us on Strage Famous (YELLS "STRANGE FAMOUS") Records and they're about to show up in a city near you with their shirts and pants on, all respectable like. If you know what that feeling in your chest is when this beat hits, then you know that that crisp ass fucking dirty ass fucking snare is going to magically emphasize how adorable Cas One's Indiana accent when he rap-gods then right?

If I were Figure I would just get a tattoo of Cas on your arm and then just continually slap yourself in your Cas One because it's fucking super annoying to have friends that are more talented than you because they make complicated shit like this look easier than you look while doing hard shit like urinating into the wind outside a Jack In the Box in Goleta, California at 3 in the morning. 

I hate these people for being so fucking awesome. 

Props dicks!