Between The Rain


Joel Frieders | April 7, 2017

I haven't been able to write about music for fucking weeks.

Ain't none of your bidness why, but holy fuck I needed something like Between The Rain to snap me out of it.

I thought this was going to suck based solely on the fact that it's a live recording (strike one), recorded outside (strike two), with a shaky camera (strike three), but then dude's voice cuts through the bullshit and I'm fucking SMITTEN BRUV.

Between The Rain sound like a cross between Silverchair and that band BAD4GOOD that I was obsessed with for a while in grade school because Sam from Diff'rent Strokes was in the shit. This is part glam, part grunge, but 100% what I fucking needed right now.

"Mudroom" makes a motherfucker wanna drink shitty beer and watch a band fucking murder shit exactly like this. FUCKING AWESOME.