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STOP SLEEPING: Unconventional Science, Lonely Island, East Coast Fling, Sin Fang, Carousel, Sinitus Tempo, and J57

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By: Staff
Unconventional Science, Lonely Island, East Coast Fling, Sin Fang, Carousel, Sin

I have been reading Steven Hyden's very excellent articles on the Winners of Rock n' Roll on Grantland, which have set me off thinking about music, the way we consume it and what said consumption says about us as a people. Well it wasn't exclusively the article that set me off on this train of thought. It has pretty much been an obsession of mine for the past few years. The article caused more of a reevaluation of my stance, which has long been: it's music, it's not that fucking important. It should be a diversion not a definition of who you are.

I have long held the belief that we are detached from reality as a generation and a culture, we tend to define ourselves by what we consume rather than what we do. The idea that we watch the right show, see the right movies and listen to the right bands seems to hold more value than the type of work we do, how our children are educated and how we self-govern; basically defining our worth based on the whims of what's cool.

It is the reason teenagers inherently suck, they are self-absorbed, self-righteous and ultimately selfish individuals who find worth in the culture they consume. Obviously not all teenagers are victims of this particular brand of awful, but most are.

And you know what?

It's understandable. Being a teenager sucks, it is a shit show of testosterone and stupidity, it is the reason that the dumbest and cruelest kids in your class are the ones who consider high school the best time in their pathetic lives. Assholey behavior is rewarded hand over fist.

When you carry this form of identity building to adulthood you get what are essentially adult teenagers. A group of self-absorbed shitbirds chasing the next-next and not contributing in anyway, this is ultimately unfulfilling and thus needs to be voraciously defended to avoid having to face the inevitable that their lives are meaningless husks built on an ever changing landscape of co-opted identify. Sort of the way those that are the most homophobic are the most secretly gay.

My take on this type of society is that it is ultimately unsustainable and soul crushing. Hyden's pieces caused me to rethink this. Could it be that we are fortunate to live in a society that allows us the freedoms to pursue these kinds of pleasures. It's it actually a virtuous existence? Is it merely a matter of energy not being displaced but more the vigor being excessive?

Europe has long been obsessed with art, culture, booze and foods. Maybe we are just catching up and finally realize that the work and crimes against humanity committed by our ancestors allowed us this freedom, the freedom from the true horrors of life, our basic needs meet so much so that mundane bullshit like Bon Iver suddenly seems not only enjoyable or boring, but important or an all-out assault against staying awake…depending on your point of view.

Honestly I don't know anymore, and all in all this type of thinking is ultimately as vapid as the society of the spectacle is so maybe it just says I am as big of an asshole as Del is; if not a bigger one.


Employee says STOP SLEEPING on Unconventional Science

Is your facial hair a beast to groom? If you were the bearer of a "Tiger Mustache" would you be able to tame it? One man can: Unconventional Science; a student of the globe, his production panache is peppered by the "un": the unreal; the uncompromising; the unorthodox. This month saw the unveiling of his debut: an instrumental airplane with claws and a feisty disposition titled "Tiger Mustache." Dance or despair. Although not featured on his new album, I'm posting this awesome Trap remix of "Girl From Ipanema" to get you and your mom crunk.

Tiger Mustache
Unconventional Science's Bandcamp

Dick says STOP SLEEPING on Lonely Island

2013 started off in a pretty bland manner and holy Fuck did The Lonely Island boys manage to inject a glimmer of hope into my bitter, linearly-increasing-in-decrepitness ass. Not only is the video a work of artistic beauty (it has been entirely too long since I saw any decent CGI piranhas), but the principles touted by the lyrics themselves are incredibly poignant considering the rampant abuse of bad electronic music and prescription drugs by these goddamn kids nowadays. "YOLO" very well could be my favorite Lonely Island track, yet. 

Joel says STOP SLEEPING on East Coast Fling

I used to be on the nuts of this band WOOL back when I was in high school. Their drummer wasn't the fucking assmassacerer that the drummer in East Coast Fling is, but the similarities between the two bands is uncanny. Of course, the bass player paired with the drummer in this fucking band could leave the rest of the assholes and start their own two piece sass outfit and take the sass world by fucking sass. I miss the days when rock made me feel like this. KTO is what I would tell my high school self to bump the Fuck out of before everything starts going bloopy and wicky wicky in the year 2000 bro. East Coast Fling is the band I'm already in in my head bro. INSERT DRUMMER GRITTING TEETH AND WEARING KARATE KID SWEATBAND. 

Del says STOP SLEEPING on Sin Fang

File this stop sleeping under: "Reasons why you should "like" bands on Facebook. A posting from Sigur Ros' Facebook yesterday crawled across my news feed that changed my life. They said to go check out "Look at the Light" by Sin Fang on YouTube. Being a devout Sigur Ros fan I felt like i had to give it at least one spin. A Sigur Ros cosign deserves that much. They've earned it. sure enough I was head over heels for the track more or less instantly and i found myself ignoring calls at work because I needed to re-listen to Look at The Light for the rest of the day. Now it is your turn. The Del stamp of approval is now on Sin Fang. Turn your phone's ringer on mute and give Sin Fang a listen or two...or 100. 

Tom says STOP SLEEPING on Carousel

My friend, Rock, who is the most eligible caucasian bachelor in Florida under the age of 50 told me to check out this band he saw open up for A Silent Film. I don't normally listen to Floridans because they are either too sweaty or too busy filling out their Presidential ballot from 2012. Nobody Fucks up our country more than Floridians (....and Texans). So, why would I trust his judgement on indie music? (Sigh) But being the polite person I am; I snuck a peak and really liked what I heard. Carousel has this chill yet foot tapilicous vibe. They sound like Imogen Heap from her days in Frou Frou, but you don't have to be a cutter to join their fan club. If Carousel doesn't make it as indie rock stars I am willing to hire their lead singer and his soft, sensual voice to lullaby me to sleep 5 nights a week. Check these dreamboats out. 

Aaron says STOP SLEEPING on Sinitus Tempo

You know Nujabes, yes? You know, the Japanese producer most well-known in the States for the smooth dreamy jazzy hip-hop tracks he provided for Samurai Champloo? If you do, you already know why his early death caused thousands across the world to weep a few years back, and why so many cite him as one of the their primary inspirations for getting into music. If you don't, goddammit, get with the picture, go listen to him, and then read the rest of this post. Sinitus Tempo is one of those who felt the sexy ethereal touch of Nujabes' legacy and set out to do his best to not only honor the late master, but to stake out his own sound as well.

On Caged Bird, you'll come across the familiar Nujabes atmosphere--drifting, kind of trippy, a kicking beat, and just pure cerebral goodness--but developed more to match Sinitus Tempo's own personal tastes. You'll hear some familiar samples such as, if I'm not mistaken, some things from Kind of Blue, and from there everything else to provide for a coherent, gripping soundscape.

The only weaknesses I can sense in this particular album are that it doesn't depart far enough from its Nujabes-y influence, at times even seeming like Nujabes himself spun the tracks, and that at times the songs can be a bit redundant. It's the perfect music for a lazy afternoon and it's evident that Sinitus is still experimenting and evolving, so definitely give this album a listen and keep an eye on what this cat is up to. When he gets big in a couple years you can hipster brag to all of your hipster friends that you knew about him before he was popular, you hipster bastard.  

Tim says STOP SLEEPING on J57

J57 is one of those assholes who constantly surprises you so you always feel like a dick when you find out he produced something. Usually it involves an artist that I have "purchased" and eventually falling in love with a few tracks from their album, but since I "purchased" said album I do not have liner notes. Eventually I find out that the tracks I feel in love with were produced by J57. This usually involves said artist dropping a video and then seeing the words produced by J57 taunting me with drippy and gooey sass that gives me a shame boner. Then I have to leave a comment with J57 or an email saying, "hey I had no idea you produced X track by Y artist, that beat is bonkers. Suddenly I am the asshole. Well J, Fuck you, you shitbird, for being so fucking dope. J is constantly killing it with his production and more than capable on the microphone. I eventually plan to kidnap him and put him behind glass until he agrees to star in my online sitcom, My Two Dads Too! It's a sensual romp and co-stars Edward James Olmos and Dakota Fanning. 

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