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Their Ocean, In Your Eyes, Peter Gabriel, Say Anything

Their Ocean - In Your Eyes

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Their Ocean have something annoying going on, and it isn't their incredible turtleneck collection. Consistently whispery and introspective, Keith and Jason are electronically aromatic and it's swiftly seeping under dorm room doors the fucking world over. With the opening track on SYFFAL's second volume of awesome, 2012 Pop Culture Collides kicks off with Their Ocean performing an atmospheric and intoxicating rendition of Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes from the Cameron Crowe directorial debut Say Anything dot dot dot.

2012 is about to get it's fucking ass kicked, and Their Ocean nonchalantly just fucking beasted a hugem all up on its chest yo.

SYFFAL presents: Pop Cultures Collide Volume Two, Track One.

A Word From Their Ocean

When Sir Joel of the Realm suggested we cover a song for Pop Cultures Collide I was like "Who does this guy think he is?" and now I'm like "Who does this guy think he is?". Really though, who do we all think we are? I think that is the question the Peter Gabriel was asking through In Your Eyes. Love, I get so lost sometimes...don't we all feel lost?

I'm a woman.

In any case, Jason and I just wanted to pick something that had lyrics that didn't suck and that we could possibly update a little. So we decided to cover it as if we were underwater in a spaceship filled with peanut butter, but Jason is allergic to peanuts so we filled it with almond butter instead.

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