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Hell In The Cell: Our Discussion with Let's Wrestle

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By: Tim Baker
Let's Wrestle, interview, In the court of Wrestling let's, merge records, the pr

Let's Wrestle, interview, In the court of Wrestling let's, merge records, the proper ornamentsOne of the bands I have been touting, to anyone who is willing to listen to the crazy old guy with the end is near sign strapped to his chest, for the past year or so is Let's Wrestle.  Friend of the site Radio Raheem introduced me to these guys via messageboard post over at and I have been in love with their work since. There is a genuineness to their sound that you would be hard pressed to find in most bands working today.  Much like the OFWGKTA collective, they seem to be abandoning the follow the leader attitude of many of today's artists, and citizens, and creating a world of their own.  

We were lucky enough to sit down with guitarist and lead vocalist, Wesley Patrick Gonzalez for a discussion about the band, their music and a bunch of other shit. 

SYFFAL: Give us a bit of background on the band and its history?

Wesley Patrick Gonzalez (WPG):
 We have been going for a few years now, we were school friends living down the road from each other we decided being in a punk band was the only escape of the frustration of being at school.

SYFFAL: Since all artists are a conglomeration of their influences how would you describe your sound and how those influences affected the sound?

WPG: I dont want to be in the position of describing our sound but influences are vast and are usually based on attitude towards music in the way they've influenced rather than a style (though of course we have borrowed some sounds off of them). We all have different tastes aswell. I'm listening to Wagon Christ, Scream, Grass Widow, Comet Gain, James Blake, Big Black and Brian Eno at the moment but it changes every week. The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Neil Young are our main influences I can listen to any one of each of their records all the time

Let's Wrestle, interview, In the court of Wrestling let's, merge records, the proper ornamentsSYFFAL: As a three piece band what bands do you consider to be the greatest 3 pieces and of all time, to give it a wrestling theme let's name one for
each of the belts:

World Champion:
Intercontental Champion: Yo La Tengo
Lightweight Champion: Beat Happening
Tagteam Champion: Husker Du
Ladies Champion: Sleater Kinney

SYFFAL:  What is the writing process for songs that crumble your heart but make you smile, sing a long and clap your hands and does it include performance enhancers?

WPG: It changes all the time at the moment I am sitting in my closet playing the guitar and something will come. I usually only play the guitar if I'm gonna write something so I usually write something every couple of days sometimes it's shit and sometimes it's good but I dont have any kind of process.

SYFFAL: If you could take on one band in a no holds barred battle to the death
hell in a cell type match who would it be, why would you chose that band,
and what would your finishing move be?

WPG: The Rolling Stones, can they just Fuck off and die now please. I choose them because they would be easy to take as they are fragile old men. Also because they are completely overrated I mean the early stuff is alright but Exile On Main Street? Give me a break. I don't know any real finishing moves so im just gonna say a sly passive agressive comment. I'm talking about post Wyman Stones aswell because of this:

SYFFAL: Who would win in a fight the new A-Team or Motley Crüe?

WPG: Motley Crue all the way

SYFFAL: One of our correspondents Joel Frieders asked me to ask all bands "If
you could make love to only one guitar for the rest of your life which one
would it be?"

WPG: I wouldnt make love to any guitar nobody wants a splinter in their penis

SYFFAL: I see you are on your way back to NYC,  what are your favorite places to go out
and tie one on?

WPG: We have played New York quite a lot, we came over for the first time early 2010 and stayed for a week, then we came over for another week for CMJ in autumn 2009 and we played the bowery ballroom with Quasi earlier this year. We've seen all the touristy stuff Mike Lightning is big on tourist stuff but I like just walking around Williamsburg going in the Salvation Army stores and record stores.

SYFFAL: When the inevitable zombie apocalypse comes what 5 items will you take
with you?

WPG: Tinned goods, bottled water, clean socks, a carton of ciggarettes and some porno mags.

SYFFAL: Right, so basically the essentials. What album would be your soundtrack during said zombie apocalypse?

WPG: Go Plastic by Squarepusher

SYFFAL: Has the phenomenom of the Jersey Shore taken off in the UK, if so what
are your thoughts on it, and if not to the best of your ability tell me
what you think the show is about, bonus points for profanity.

WPG: I Don't know what Jersey Shore is I figure is a TV show but I've not seen it my favourite New Jersey based TV show is Cake Boss!

Lightning Round:

SYFFAL: Diary of a madman or of a mad woman?

WPG: Mad Woman

SYFFAL: Album you wished you made?

WPG: Take A Picture by Margo Guryan

SYFFAL: Better pedofile mustache, Dr. Phil or the lead singer from the Killers?

WPG: I'll go with Dr. Phil I can't handle that band The Killers what a bunch of losers!

SYFFAL: More embarrassing way to go – autoerotic self asphyxiation or killing
yourself because you thought judas priest told you to?

WPG: The self asphyxiation thing is fucking nuts whats wrong with people? Why isn't a normal wank good enough? So I'll go with that one.

SYFFAL: Have you ever made love while listening to your own music like Jamie Foxx?

WPG: No thats vulgar I'd probably mishear my lyrics telling myself I'm doing something wrong.

SYFFAL: Using the LeFevre scale what would it take for you to kill justin beiber a hot pocket, world peace or something in between?

WPG: Sorry this question has overwhelmed me I dont know what a Hot Pocket is, I'm also not familiar with the LeFevre scale as for Justin Beiber I couldn't kill a child and I also kind of like his bratty attitude (if I was famous I would take the chance to be a dick to people) and world peace would be kind of boring don't you think? I love conflict, I dont condone war or murder that can go, but I like to quietly hate somebody and have them hate me back.

SYFFAL: Anything you want to promote

WPG: My friends band The Proper Ornaments they are releasing a single on make a Mess Records (Nodzzz's label) it should rock pretty hard

Let's Wrestle will be touring the states this September:
Sept. 4 - Los Angeles CA FYF Fest w/ Man Man
Sept. 5 - Santa Barbara CA Club Mercy Presents
Sept. 6 - San Francisco CA Great American Music Hall
Sept. 8 - Seattle WA Neumo's
Sept. 9 - Vancouver BC Rickshaw Theatre
Sept. 10 - Portland OR MusicFestNW
Sept. 17 - Washington 9:30 Club w/ Superchunk & Tommy Keene
Sept. 18 - New York NY Bowery Ballroom w/ Superchunk 

You can find more about Let's Wrestle HERE

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