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Our Interview with Pressed And: We <3 <3 <3 hookers and booze

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By: Tim Baker
Pressed And, Interview, Imbue Up, Electronic, Instrumental

God dammit.

I cannot get the muted sounds and colorful textures of Pressed And out of my head, and my shorts. These young fuckers make the kind of instrumental music that envelops your heart, flirts with your soul and makes love to you guts. It is heavy in all the right ways, dainty in all the wrong ways.

I can listen to their debut album Imbue Up non-fucking stop, luckily my sponsor keeps my head in the game, or I would be out on the road selling merch for these dirtbags and cleaning up their discarded groupies and vegan treats.

SYFFAL: Our readers are dedicated followers of SYFFALNETICs, a cult like mind control system that disables them from thinking for themselves, that being the case, they turn to us for all of their information. So can you please answer the following to bring them up to speed?
- Who the Fuck are you?

Andrew Hamlet (AH): Mat Jones & Andrew Hamlet

SYFFAL: Who does what in the group?

AH: Typically, Mat works the vocal samples, and I oversee the ambience; we don't have set roles, though.

SYFFAL: If you were a 3 sport athlete what 3 sports would they be?

AH: Todd Marinovich playing football^3

SYFFAL: He is an artist you know? Your EP Imbue Up makes me tuck my junk, look in the mirror with disgust and dance like Paula Abdul, was this the reaction you had in mind when creating it? If not what where you hoping to get across?

AH: Our creative process is a very unconscious one. We don't discuss what's going on while constructing the songs; we just stop when they feel right.  As such, I think a good deal of muted sexual energy seeped its way into Imbue Up; that might explain your junk and Paula Abdul.
As for the disgust, the album feels resolutely disorienting--so cohesive in its perplexity that the entirety of the experience makes sense.

SYFFAL: I stop when it feels right too (yes that was code). Ok, I met Joel, my partner in all things SYFFAL back in 1984. We were online awaiting entry into the Van Halen concert at Nassau Coliseum. I was drunk on cheap malt liquor and Joel turns to me and says "gotta light" which of course I did, because everyone smoked back then. It was a zippo with Ozzy Ozbourne's Bark at the Moon album cover on it. This gets Joel all riled up and he starts spouting off on some speed fueled conspiracy theory about Nazi werewolves who have infiltrated the highest ranks of the government and armed services. Here I am just hoping to rub my junk on some big haired, flat chested 6th graders and this guy fucking schools me on the way shit works. Needless to say I took him on as one of my closest advisers and the rest is history. How did you guys meet and when did you realize that you had something special?

AH: Mat and I met through a mutual friend while attending school at UNC Chapel Hill. Through this meeting, I discovered Mat's solo project It is rain in my face. (Which you should check out if you haven't already). ArnHao, my previous group, and It is rain in my face. Eventually ended up on the same label, Denmark Records, and one evening after a Denmark Records showcase, Mat and I discussed starting a collaboration project. It took about two months to develop our first track--Etching from Imbue Up.

For me, I knew the entire project was special once we started developing material with such ease. Like I mentioned, we don't discuss what's going on while constructing the songs; we just feel around until things sound right. And everything we started making sounded right.

SYFFAL: Speaking of conspiracy theories, which one is your favorite and why?

AH: I'm indebted to Shakespeare for the regality of my namesake and would thus have to say my favorite conspiracy theory is that WS did not author his own works.

SYFFAL: Sounds like you wear the tin foiliest of hats. One of my favorite new things is call things poor man's versions of other things. Let's play that game, I will list a bunch of things and you tell me what they are the poor man's version of, cool? fucking aye:

- Transformers

AH: TMNT + Vanilla Ice

SYFFAL: Ron Paul's electability

AH: Rugged Individualism

SYFFAL: David Lynch - the musician not the film maker

AH: Stuart Adamson

SYFFAL: Radiohead

AH: Pink Floyd

SYFFAL: Rudolph Kipling

AH: Rudyard Kipling

SYFFAL: Topher Grace

AH: Wilmer Valderrama hosting Yo Momma

SYFFAL: Das Racist

AH: Wesleyan graduate, Columbia Records signees

SYFFAL: That bored/tired look on actress Kristen Stewart's face

AH: Li Lo's meth teeth (pre-Playboy shoot)

SYFFAL: Let's talk influences, if you were to throw a party with your top 3 influences, who would be the one to get drunk and say inappropriate things about his wife, eventually leading to her walking out in tears and him chasing her out of the house and accidentally breaking something?

AH: Juicy J

SYFFAL: He is my personal hero. Who would you have a sneaking suspicion is a closet masturbator and thus stopping you from putting out the good hand towels and

AH: Bradford Cox

SYFFAL: Who is the one that stays around, helps with the dishes and tries to dry hump your spouse when you pass out in the recliner?

AH: Brian Eno

SYFFAL: Our site was started by a small group of friends that enjoyed sending each other new music and making off colored jokes about said music. In this spirit, who are three artists, other than yourselves, that we should be checking for and what is your best off colored joke?

AH: Galapagos, Divine Interface, and Birkwin Jersey.

Mat often times says this limerick, which is insightfully funny and very colorful:

Van Gogh found a whore who would lay,
And accept a small painting as pay.
"Vive l'Art!" cried Van Gogh,
"But it's too fucking slow--
I wish I could paint ten a day!

SYFFAL: Mat is a god damned genius. Let's say you were given unlimited funds to create an album with 3 other artists, who would they be?

AH: Lex Luger, Joy Orbison, and Casino vs. Japan.

SYFFAL: What would it be called?

AH: Salute Me or Listen to Kenny Loggins 3

SYFFAL: And can we get Tom Arnold on the cover topless?

AH: Tom Arnold full nude centerfold surrounded by Maine Coon kitties and Bob Marley glow-in-the-dark tapestries.

SYFFAL: Your mouth is so adorable. So, I have always seen EPs as either a musical version of "just the tip" eventually leading to the whole schvanze coming out in the form of the LP or a collection of throw away tracks that artists are trying to use to get some pocket change for hookers and booze. Being that this is the first I am hearing of you I will assume the former. So when does the full length drop, what can we expect and should we stretch to accommodate its girth?

AH: We <3 <3 <3 hookers and booze, and you best prepare to stretch.

Mat and I are in the middle of writing the next record and are excited about its direction. We have developed a very specific sonic palette for the album—we've incorporated live guitar, analog loops, and more sonically interesting percussive sounds. It's still the Pressed And sound you have come to know and love from Imbue Up, though.

The plan is to more or less finish the record before we set off for our tour at the beginning of the year, let the songs sit and breathe, and then find the appropriate outlet for the album's release once we make it back from the road.

SYFFAL: Please promote anything you would like to promote.

AH: 2012 Pressed And Dates

  • 01/16 Death by Audio - Brooklyn, NY
  • 01/17 Pianos - New York City, NY
  • 01/18 Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia, PA
  • 01/19 Kings Barcade - Raleigh, NC
  • 01/20 Gravity Records - Wilmington, NC
  • 01/23 529 - Atlanta, GA
  • 01/25 The Lab - Gainesville, FL
  • 01/26 Farm 255 - Athens, GA
  • 01/27 567 - Macon, GA
  • 01/30 Pilot Light - Knoxville, TN
  • 02/01 Zanzabar - Louisville, KY
  • 02/02 Mike 'N' Mollys - Champaign, IL
  • 02/03 Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL
  • 02/04 Daytrotter - Rock Island, IL
  • 02/04 The Loft - Macomb, IL
  • 02/05 Lemmons - St. Louis, MO
  • 02/07 The Mill - Iowa City, IA
  • 02/08 Vaudeville Mews - Des Moines, IA
  • 02/09 Record Bar - Kansas City, MO
  • 02/10 Rhinoceropolis - Denver, CO
  • 02/17 Comet Tavern - Seattle, WA
  • 02/19 Ella Street Social Club - Portland, OR
  • 02/20 Little Red Lion - Eureka, CA
  • 02/21 Stork Club - Oakland, CA
  • 02/28 Central - Santa Monica, CA
  • 03/02 The Tin Can - San Diego, CA
  • 03/04 The Hut - Tucson, AZ
  • 03/05 The Rogue Bar - Scottsdale, AZ


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