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Our Interview with Good field: Texans don't play cricket, they play chicken

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By: Tom Dozois
Good Field, Interview, Self Titled Album, Indie Rock

Did you just read my Good Field review? If not, go back to read it and listen to some of those tasty Bandcamp tracks.

…Are you back?

How awesome were those songs? I'm 99.5% certain that you will now be addicted to Good Field's self-titled album. I caught up with the band's lead singer/guitar player/song writer Paul Price to ask him some probing questions. I have learned that he is clever, witty, stubborn and evading.

Here we go:

SYFFAL: Please introduce the members of Good Field, the names of their cock n' balls in parentheses, and the instrument they play.


  • Paul (Unskinny bop) Price - Vocals and Guitar, he's a broken down hero and Picasso does his hair
  • Kyle (My some kind of wonderful) Robertson - Keys, he's got big feet but a weak head
  • Michael (Midnight Special) McLeod - Bass, he's a jackpot of admirable character traits and he wears a belt over his suspenders
  • Esteban (Gordon) Cruz - Drums, mostly he just kills time, and it dies hard

SYFFAL: Meg, the adorable key board player from the Black Books, forced me to check out your bandcamp site last week. She described your sound as equal parts Walkmen, equal parts Deerhunter, and equal parts orgasmic. I happen to agree with this assessment. How do you describe your sound? Haiku form please.

Ass rock whiskey pop,
Like a king cobra dancing,
Under sky and clouds.

SYFFAL: I understand that you and Meg's husband Ross (slash Blank Books lead singer and drummer) are frendsies. Tell me an embarrassing story about this dreamy couple. If you don't have one…..then make one up. We can let the readers decide whether the story is true or false.

Paul: When we were six we would spend weekends at each other's houses. One day we snuck out to his alley and sniffed a can of roach repellant. My meat computer ain't worked proper since.

SYFFAL: I'm guessing that was true. How else could you explain the lazy eye?

What does the future have in store for Good Field? Are you touring? I'm already craving new songs. When are you going to start recording your second album?

Paul: In modern cities it just doesn't pay to be idle. So we are releasing our debut album on February 4th. We've booked billions of shows around Austin for February and March. After that we're looking to tour to support the album. A lot of this album was performed and recorded in bedrooms by myself and with my buddy Nathan (Nateteen Inch) Stein, who now lives in Boston. So it has a nice, intimate feel that I think translates well live. All the guys who are playing in Good Field right now are amazing musicians, and I'm excited about recording the next album with them. We've actually already started recording a bit, but our main focus is playing live right now.

SYFFAL: Do you realize that you just used 'bedroom,' 'nanteen inch' and 'intimate feel' in neighboring sentences?

According to your shitty bio, the name Good Field is a homage to cricket and desolate landscapes. What the Fuck does that mean? Please don't tell me you Texans play cricket. I think that this needs to be revised to: clearing brush on desolate landscapes. Your thoughts?

Paul: You're right, Texans don't play cricket, they play chicken. However, one day recently I joined in on a cricket match with a bunch of guys from India. I didn't really know what was going on most of the game, but it caught my attention when the entire team would yell "Good fielding!" after a fieldsman made a humdinger of a play. I probably heard "good fielding" 500 times that day. It stuck with me for a little while, melted into my subconscious, and made it's way onto the name of this here band. When I think about our music as a visual impression I see open landscapes, just before dusk. I am a grain of sand on the desert of oblivion. Also, who the Fuck cares about band names anyway?

SYFFAL: At least there is a story behind the name. It is better than naming the band: The [insert noun here].

Jealousy causes me to hate all residents of Austin because of their proximity to great new bands and SXSW. Why are all bands out of Austin awesome? Please tell me of another awesome Austin band that I've never heard of, but should be listening to.

Paul: You should check out Jesse Woods, The Marmalakes, JC&Co, and Sleep Good if you haven't already.

SYFFAL: I gave up my dreams of being a foot model after a tragic accident. With that said, I have named each of my 9.5 toes after the kings of England; I love them deeply. Although Charles I is half the toe he used to be, I'm most proud of him for the grit and tenacity he showed during the tough times. What one song are you most proud of on this album and why?

Paul: When I think about our music in a visual capacity I see open landscapes, just before dusk, and I am a grain of sand on the desert of oblivion.

SYFFAL: This is your first warning Paul; please don't avoid anymore of my questions.

SYFFAL's Joel Frieders told me that you sound like a sloppy drunk. Ironically, it would have taken Joel 10 years longer to lose his virginity if it weren't for sloppy drunks. I happen to love this aesthetic; your voice has the timbre of a modernized Bob Dylan. I even hear a little of Bob in your songwriting. Would you list him as one of your major influences or am I bat shit crazy?

Paul: I think Bob Dylan is a B ass, but I wouldn't necessarily list him as a major influence. My biggest influences are life, roach repellant, and the universe.

SYFFAL: Okay enough of this….it is Speed Round time. I'm going to give you two choices and you HAVE to pick one. Feel free to explain your choices.

- Masterbate to a video of Rose O'Donell shaving her arm pits in the shower or a naked picture of Ryan Gossling.

Paul: Yes.

SYFFAL: I said you HAVE to pick one! Let's try again.

- Listen to a Black Eyed Peas album on repeat for 48 hours or hang yourself with dental floss.

Paul: What's the diff?

SYFFAL: You are ruining the speed round!

- Vote for Mitt Romney of vote for Newt Gingrich

Paul: You don't have to play the game if you don't care about the game.

SYFFAL: Communist.

- Eat a small nugget of dog poop or an entire bag of Zesty Salsa Tortilla Combos.

Paul: Combos. I love combos.

SYFFAL: Ha! Gotcha! Paul, you are one sick mother fucker. You should change your name to Apauling.

Paul: I'm going to be the Paulite one and not respond to this vulgar repartee
….by the way; 'preciate the meat

SYFFAL: What was you favorite sitcom growing up?

Paul: Night Court, duh.

SYFFAL: That bald guy creeps me out. Now you must cover the theme song for our Pop Cultures Collide feature. Are you in?

Paul: We'll see what we can do

SYFFAL: Thank you for enduring our juvenile questions. You have earned 3 plugs. Go for it.

Paul: You can check out a few songs on our website where the album will be available for sale starting February 5th

You can connect with us on Facebook here

Be on the lookout for The Black Books self-titled full length album coming soon.

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