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Our Interview with Digital Leather: More like pulled baby meat

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By: Tim Baker
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Since we started SYFFAL a little over two years ago Digital Leather has dropped three albums that I know of, all three of those albums are in my top twenty albums of the SYFFAL era. It is the kind of music I throw on and before going on a bender. It amps me up to no end, colors the borders of my soul with a mauve color that represents the saddest crayon in the pack and tickles the shit out of my tragedy bone.

Digital Leather aka Shawn Foree is the fucking truth, he is as punk as punk gets yet makes sure that I will fucking Dance Dance Revolution the shit out of anyone who dares to put their quarters up. Just know that after I kick the shit out of you on the dance floor we can head back to my crib and huff some glue while listening to Yes, Please. Thank You and talking about the paint jobs we are gonna get on our supped up Honda Civics (old school hatchback style bitch).

There is something incredibly creepy about this fucking bastard, he looks like he sweats even during the harsh Omaha winters, probably because he has a steady diet of frozen coffee from 7/11 and Dexitrim, but I don’t care, if this fucker wanted to get snuggies and watch a marathon of Tiffany Amber Thessien movies all he has to do is call.


SYFFAL: Tell me about the last entry in your dream journal.

Digital Leather (DL): There was a rodent creature living in the loft of an old barn. It kept growling at me.

SYFFAL: Yes, Please. Thank You. What’s that shit all about and how would you compare it with your previous works? For the sake of our comparison your previous works are Michael Keaton as batman and the new album is Asian.

DL: It would be the gay Michael Keaton in Multiplicity if he was a meth addict and ate a lot of dim sum.

SYFFAL: If you could make a hip hop song with Ol Dirty Bastard what would it be called and do you think it would taste better than pulled pork sandwiches?

DL: More like pulled baby meat. It would be untitled and exist in dark matter.

SYFFAL: If I told you that I though Bob Costas was a good American what would you be able to extrapolate about my taste in music?

DL: If you meant "good" as in he represents a moral state that you can agree with: Nickleback, TV on the Radio and the Black Keys when you're feeling funky. If you meant Bob Costas was an example of a good American in the Aristotelian meaning of "the good," which could imply that you hated America and found it disgusting - strangely, those three could still be topping your list

SYFFAL: Tell me what you were doing right before these questions came in and if you were wearing pants while doing it?

DL: I just got home from the library. Checked out a book on comedy improvisation.

SYFFAL: Library, so no pants then. OK promote whatever you want to promote.


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