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Our Interview with Brandon Biondo of Walsh: Smoke Weed About It

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By: Del LeFevre

Brandon Biondo aka WalshWeeks ago I touted the awesomeness that was/is CoolRunnings very own Brandon Biondo's side project "Walsh: Smoke Weed About it". I have not been able to stop listening to it. I thought he should know this. I also thought he should know who James Eckhouse is. He disagreed on that and other things…but we both agreed that free music is the tits. Cop the free EP from Brandon's tumblr (He's a modern day Robin Hood) and let it be your soundtrack to this interview.....

SYFFAL: I'd love to be right and proper and call you Mr. Walsh for this interview but that might conjure up images of James Echhouse's smug ass smile. Is that a problem for you?

WALSH: I don't know who that is. You can call me Brandon?

SYFFAL: (Ignores) "Mr Walsh"...I was thinking if it was a problem for you i'd simply tell you to "smoke weed about it". I love that title. To me it sounds like a dismissive reaction to someone's bitching. I imagine it as a devastating response to someone's incessant nonsense.

Mrs Walsh: "Honey, why won't you ever open up about your feelings? Babe, why won't you let me in?"
Mr Walsh: For Fucks sake man, go smoke weed about it already.

Am I far off?

WALSH: I usually say it when I can't figure something out, or if it is so awesome I have to...

SYFFAL: So Brandon Biondo, (if that's even your real name) Is the Walsh alter ego your way of putting on a Daft Punk / Bloody Beetroots mask?

WALSH: I dunno, I like daft punk but it's more of a way to try things out. It could be Anything I guess. Maybe it'll just turn into a way to do George Strait covers.

SYFFAL: Your EP kicks serious ass. Its dark synthy charms pretty much had me entranced in the first 30 seconds. It's easily the best piece of music I've obtained on the straight and narrow in awhile. It makes me wonder. Why offer it for free? Was your goal to get everyone hooked with a free taste and then jack up the prices when we came back looking for more? Classic Drug dealer 101

WALSH: Most people wouldn't pay for it anyway. I did put a pay what you want option, but that's mostly because I can't afford to be alive. People actually do donate, which totally surprised me. (thanks dawgs!)

SYFFAL: The beginning half of SMAI has an ominous feel to it. Does weed make you paranoid?

WALSH: Sometimes.

SYFFAL: The ominous tones give way to washed out gleamers like "Untitled" and "Sweet Dreamz". Did you make a conscious effort to switch up the sound or was that courtesy of a sonic bi-polar disorder?

WALSH: I just roll with it. The more thought I put in to what I want something to sound like the more it sounds like something else I guess.

SYFFAL: We at SYFFAL need to sample and spread the gospel to people so thanks again for putting your music out there for free. Stealing music is something no one wants to do...but at times can be a necessary evil to get exposure to new acts. As an artist and a producer how do you feel about this Catch-22?

WALSH: I do it all the time, Fuck it. If you are a real band you should be more worried about playing live, not whether or not somebody is "illegally" downloading. It seems like it would help you more in the end if people steal your music. Unless you suck and can't perform live.

SYFFAL: If you were forced to compare yourself to any artists out there, because people LOVE to do that, who most closely resembles your musical DNA? If you hate that clichéd laziness how about you just give me a three word answer to describe yourself. Please refrain from using "go Fuck yourself"... that answer has already been taken.

WALSH: Stupid big dick

SYFFAL: Part of the charm of this EP is the fact that some of these killer tracks are named after two sweet ass underrated movies: Days of Thunder and WestWorld. It got me to thinking. What if we married the three together into a hybrid? . Imagine a movie about a futuristic vacation spot where you can go mingle w/ robotic versions of Michael Rooker and John C Reily, have the thrill of racing cars, drink Robot Duvall's sweet moonshine, and get your johnson felt up buy a hot busty chick posing as a cop. I call it " Days of Thunderworld". I'm churning out the spec script now. Hollywood loves this shit. All we need is a sweet ass 80's sythy "Axel F" kind of jam. Can I interest you in writing the score?

WALSH: Sounds too silly for my music haha.

SYFFAL: Seriously though, if you could go back and score one movie what would it be?

WALSH: Bladerunner

SYFFAL: Are there any plans to tour to support this EP?

WALSH: Not at the moment, I'm too busy with Coolrunnings. (SXSW on 3/16!)

SYFFAL: I was hoping to see "Walsh" or "Cool Runnings" listed on the Coachella bill yesterday. you could have rocked Palm Springs hard. Instead we got She Wants Revenge and Jack's Mannequin. Some call that a fair trade off. I call those people assholes. My disappointment led me to start crafting plans for (after I’m done with the "Days of Futreworld pitch of course) for my own festival where i'd be in charge of the artist selection process. It would be glorious. You'd be a lock of course. If you were curating a festival who are some people you'd want to sign to the bill? Money is no object. Also, we can raise the dead if for example you want to shock the world with a full on Blind Melon Reunion.

WALSH: Fuck I don't even know. Dirty Projectors, sparks, the screamers?

SYFFAL: Speaking of rising from the dead, Zombie Apocalypse stories are all the rage. How do you think you'd make out when shit goes down for real?

WALSH: Real well. I fantasize about it.

SYFFAL: Is there a back-story or inside joke behind the title "Helicopter does not Exist"? I feel like there has to be. I keep picturing Governor Schwarzenegger back in Predator yelling "Get to da Choppa" and then running around in lost circles.

WALSH: Just some random words I threw into itunes shuffle and that came out.

SYFFAL: Can we be twitter buddies? I'll @ the hell out of you in a totally heterobro-tastic way.

WALSH: Sure, coolrunningsknx

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