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duologue, memex, ep, album review

Memex EP

Andrew Milicia, MLBeatz, Red, White & Brew, Hip Hop, Philly, Boston

Andrew Milicia x MLBeatz
Red, White & Brew

coyote talk, sister, album review, indie rock

Coyote Talk

sisyphus, son lux, serengeti, sufjan stevens, anticon


moscow metro, spirit of a city, ep, album review, rock, ireland

Moscow Metro
Spirit of a City

Premrock, A Clean, Well-Lighted Place, indie hip hop, Wrecking Crew

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

Nostalghia, Ciscandra Nostalghia, Chrysalis


Greasy Hearts, Self Titled, Garage Rock, Brooklyn

Greasy Hearts
Greasy Hearts

Nightmare Boyzzz, Bad Patterns, Slovenly Records

Nightmare Boyzzz
Bad Patterns

New Concert Reviews

No Words, Snowmine, Small Black, Concert, Schubas, Chicago

No Words: A SYFFAL Photo Project :: Snowmine and Small Black @ Schubas :: Chicago, IL

No Words: A SYFFAL Photo Project, The Districts, Bear's Den, Schubas, Indie Rock

No Words: A SYFFAL Photo Project :: The Districts and Bear's Den @ Schubas :: Chicago, IL

the naked and famous, tnaf, concert review, march 13, 2014, allstate arena

The Naked & Famous - Concert Review - March 13th, 2014 - Allstate Arena - Chicago, IL

Track Marks

SYFFAL Track Marks 37
SYFFAL XXXVII - The Monthly iTunes Fix for the Music Junkie
Zilla Rocca, Hip Hop, Neo Noir, No Vacation for Murder

Zilla Rocca

This week we discuss hip hop artist Zilla Rocca, his Neo Noir mixtape and his forthcoming ep No Vacation for Murder.

Pop Cultures Collide

Giant Gorilla Dog Thing, GGDT, PJ Katz, Pig Food Records, Top That, Teen Witch
Pig Food Records artists Giant Gorilla Dog Thing (GGDT) and PJ Katz cover Top That from the movie Teen Witch.
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