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Chaz Kangas' Youtube Youterin Younicorn - Hulk Hogan Talks Pokemon

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By: Chaz Kangas
Hulk Hogan, Pokemon, Youtube, Viral Video

Well SYFFALmaniacs, this week marks one year since I began writing the Youtube Youterin Younicorn for this very site. It's amazing how fast 52 weeks fly by, and thus, I think we're due for another Hulk Hogan clip. As you might recall, the first YYY covered the Hulkster shilling an autograph on Youtube, so for our big one year anniversary we're upping the ante with Hogan discussing the fine art of Pokemon. Yes, at Pokemon's gigantic 10th Anniversary celebration in New York's Bryant Park, the top Pokemon players from around the country competed in front of a crowd of thousands and the watchful eye of host Hulk Hogan. I'm as baffled as to why the entirety of 7th grade would be thrown-up on one stage as you are, but as another clip explains, Hulk is a big fan of Pokemon. Apparently, Hulk found out about Pokemon from the jump when his son (DJ and drunk driver Nick Hogan) took the game home, causing the elder Hogan to fall in love with it. He thinks it instills good values and positivity for kids, and keeps them on the right path. K.

This particular clip is another (early) example of how Youtube-culture changed and captured everything. Posted within the site's initial year-and-a-half explosion, it preserved this random bizarre interview moment to forever be watched into infinity over the internet. While B-list and below celebrities had been called to promote products since the dawn of television itself, their appearances were quickly relegated to blink-and-you'll-miss-it status and lost to the sands of time. Now one can rest easy knowing around the globe every second of every television channel is being recorded in real time. I suggest clicking around and following this clip to see all the Hulkster Pokemon coverage. It's internet absurdity at its finest. Brother.

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