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Horrorscopes - Cunundrum

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I am a fucking asshole.

I had this in my mailbox for like 7 hours before I finally checked it out. I mean Horrorscopes, they had to be a shitty goth punk band or horror-core rap act right?

At least that's what the Fuck I thought...because as mentioned too many times to count, I am an asshole.

I finally check their email because I decided to clean out my box and Fuck me in the ear with Joel's homemade Zucchini bread Horrorscopes is the best thing to happen to me since the time I caught a handy at the rollerskating rink in 7th grade.

Just listen to this video for Cunundrum. Those guitars right? It is like they took that KY His and Hers lube, mixed that fucker up added a dash of ecstasy and poured that fucker in your hair. Everything soars, everything sways to the calming breeze of the vocals. The drums tap out sensual patterns in your groin and when combined it feels like you are being invited into a world where super models make out while breast feeding their pet cheetahs at the sushi bar.

These fuckers are a glorious specimen.


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