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By: Del LeFevre
FYF Fest, Los Angeles, No Age, Festival, Explosions in the Sky

Conflict Resolution is what we're all about at SYFFAL. We are one big get along gang that always sees eye to eye on everything. YES. ALWAYS! Since we have found inner peace in our group we are now here to help everyone attending the FYF fest at the Downtown Historic Park in Los Angeles. We're going to rock our inner Jimmy Carter and come up with some peace plans instead of forcing your group to break off into splinter cells. The job we tasked ourselves with today, besides ignoring actual work, was to develop the perfect itinerary for everyone attending tomorrow's festivities. This is our stab at being your controlling boyfriends. Soak it up.

NOTE: Tickets are still available! Go here to get them..and then follow our plan of attack below!

NOON: Show up, get your wristband: Last year's line was intense, but for good reason. The lineup was badass. The same holds true for this year's lineup so expect similar lines. That said if you are arriving at noon you'll glide through like a double tapered deuce.


12:30pm: Fool's Gold VS Twin Sister: We're at the jump off point and we've already hit our first big conflict. Fool's Gold are a fantastic LA band and it is always fun to go see a band on their home turf… AND their sophomore album just came out AND it is all sorts of awesome… but there's Twin Sister waiting in the wings over at the Raphael Stage. If you've heard "Bad Street" then you'll know that the slinky grooves and "I Want It Bad" will attack as a sexy siren's song to all the "tasty treats" headed into the park. A perfect time for a nooner! Advantage: Twin Sister


1:30: Mister Heavenly VS AVI Buffalo: You (YES YOU! I'm looking right at you) might not know this but this is the biggest lay up of the day. No offense to AVI Buffalo but they cannot hold Mister. Heavenly's jock. I'm not sure why I even bothered saying "No offense" because it's obvious that there was clear intend to offend. I hate doing that to anyone… but I just want everyone to know how awesome Mister Heavenly is. The song title "Doom Wop" is the perfect way to describe Mister Heavenly's sound because their album "Out of Love" is refreshingly nostalgic is the most bizarre of ways. Comprised of members of The Unicorns, Modest Mouse, and Man Man they are not to be missed, man. That last sentence kind of carried the vibe of The Dude. Go see Mister Heavenly. The Del abides. Advantage: Mister Heavenly 

2:00pm: Purity Ring VS Beer: Do you want to know how much I loving Purity Ring and their newest single, Belispeak? Well I'm planning on passing up the beer tents for their set. At a festival you have to pick and choose when you're going to hit the beer tents because it is a commitment to missing a full set. Chances are by 2pm I'm going to be pretty damn thirsty but I refuse to miss this Canadian duo. I first heard of them because they were mentioned in passing as a side project from Gobble Gobble Born Gold. If you know me than you know my love for Gobble Gobble Born Gold runs long and deep. Any association with Born Gold is gold in my book. God I hate myself for that last sentence. I didn't even realize I made that awful gold pun until after I typed it. What's not awful? Purity Ring! Sorry but "No beer for you! Come back one year!" Advantage: Purity Ring

2:30: The Head and the Heart VS Cass McCombs: This is a pretty even matchup. Both carry a relaxed vibe that will play well post Purity Ring. How do you make the call on who to see? I'm glad you asked. Cass McCombs and The Head and the Heart, besides being equally matched, are also equidistant to the general beer tent. Peons, that makes the call for you a coin flip. I don't flip coins so I say you go see Cass McCombs if for not for any other reason than that his 2009 song "Dream Come True Girl" slays me. I have wooed my fair share of women with this song as the ammo so I feel like I owe it to Cass, my unintentional wingman. Advantage: Cass McCombs

3:45: Future Islands VS Beer: I can't believe it but we're at 3:45pm and I'm going to keep steering you away from the booze. Yeah Yeah I know I was JUST leading you towards beer a paragraph before… but that's because I forgot Future Islands were up next. Have you heard "Balance" yet? You haven't? Let me explain how good that track is in terms you'll understand. The minute after I heard "Balance" I called our coding guru Kyle and told him we needed a new way to share tracks quickly because the Future Islands were too badass to wait for the week or two till I complied our next Track Marks. Together we came up with the new Quick Fix feature. It was a flash of genius that we really should have thought of sooner. It was like hitting your head on a toilet and coming up with the fluxcapacitor...or building a time traveling train to transport your creepy ass son to a time when pointing at your 5 your old dong is socially acceptable. Back to the Future Islands (see what I did there?). They rock. They are worth passing on beer. Advantage: Future Islands


4:30: Japandroids VS Cults: These sets are actually 4:15 and 4:40 respectively but you can really only hit one or the other so I averaged the time to around 4:30 and I'm forcing myself (and you by association) to pick one act here. I'm told that the Japandroids put on a great live set… but I'm far too smitten with Cults' debut album to even give Japandroids a second thought. I've heard Madeline (of course her name is Madeline) Follin's vocals soar at the tiny Eagle Rock Performing Arts Center so I'm interested to see how they soar in a giant open field full of dirt dust covered and sober (if they follow my schedule) Los Angelesans. Is that what they call themselves? Los Angeleans? I have no clue what the proper name is but I do know that Cults are an amazing band and their debut album is one that will be in my top ten at the end of the year. I've totally drank the Kool-Aid on them. Poor Kool-Aid. Jonestown really set that brand back a long way. Makes you wonder how they even survived that tragic hit. I wonder how a mass suicide in 2011 from poison soaked Four Loko would affect the Board room of Phusion Projects LLC. Not good I'm guessing. Advantage: Cults

6pm: Cold War Kids VS No Age: About 4-5Weeks ago No Age played a free show in LA. I couldn't make it and I was pretty down about it. I was downright crestfallen the next day when I found out that the show, after both black Flag and No Age performed, turned into a NoFlag (or was it Black Age? Nah that sounds like an Ebony spin off) show that culminated in a kid crowd surfing in a f*cking wheelchair. If you haven't seen the pics of it yet look here and here. Have you ever seen a more triumphant fist pump? Maybe not since the end of the Breakfast Club have I seen a more righteous fistful of furious fingers aimed at the sky. That kid (not Bender) was loving life harder than anyone at that one moment in time. If a No Age show can make you feel that way and you STILL insist on seeing the Cold War Kids instead well then I guess you had it coming to you when Sporto and Co taped your buns together. Nerd. Advantage: NO Age

7:00pm: Beer Vs Broken Social Scene: Fine you can finally have some beer. I know you guys aren't all straight edge (do people still do that?) so this is a perfect time to get some beer. BSS will be at the Leonardo stage which is sandwiched in between the VIP Beer area and the general admission beer tent so whether you're a prince or a pauper you can get your drink on to the sounds of these long rocking Canadians. Personally I can't think of a better way to enjoy a frantic sprint to the beer tent followed by watching a lazy sunset as passing trains speed by then with Broken Social Scene's "7/4 Shoreline" as the soundtrack.

7:45: Girls VS Yacht: This is huge conflict #1 of the day. Let's be honest It laughs at the earlier Fool's Gold/Twin Sister "conflict" designation. That's nothing compared to the anxiety that is Girls Vs Yacht. Both have awesome new albums. Both need to be seen. What's to be done? Normal tiebreaking thoughts are usually "which act is closest to the next person I want to see. For the sake of not tipping my hand (No spoilers I want you to go in fresh, Frank Costanza style) let's just pick one. Damn I'm so torn. As much of a party I think Yacht will be I have to side with Girls. Their music is so damn good. The irony of it all is I'm sure all the girls will be at Yacht. I guess I can suck up a stag party for the sake of Girls sweet throwback rockers like "Vomit". "Suck up a stag party? Del, you blowhard! Advantage: Girls


8:40: Guided By Voices VS Glass Candy VS Nosaj Thing VS Beer: I will lose all credibility (if I haven't already done so) here when I admit to not giving a damn for any of the acts mentioned at this set time. I really don't. My suggestion? Get your drink on. Hard. Ron Swanson style. So for the record we went from being full on straight edge to full on Lohan in less than two hours. This is the veteran way to do it. Let all the rooks fade early and suffer from the booze induced heat strokes and dehydration while you laugh and watch them wilt. While they're down for the count snatch their mommy and daddy's money and kick back and enjoy your beer under the stars, or what would be stars if we weren't covered in 100 layers of smog. (Ed note: we don't condone any kind of thievery… unless it has to do with Justene Jaro. That girl can steal my heart any time!). Advantage: Beer

9:35: Simian Mobile Disco VS Dan Deacon: Here it is, the number one conflict of the day. By far. You just know that Simian Mobile Disco will be a pilled out dance party. You also know that Dan Deacon will be throwing down some aggressive electro. What's a person to do? Just typing this conflict out has me in the throes of despair. What if I choose poorly? What if I miss something completely epic at the other stage? Why would the schedulers do this to me? Who's in charge of this thing anyway? Paul Allen? . Maybe I simply read the schedule wrong. Let me take a look at the ticket. Oh...Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God, it even has a watermark. I'm hyperventilating. Breathe deep, everyone. All is well. No need to lose your shit, You cannot go wrong with either act: Advantage: PUSH


10:45: Explosions in the Sky VS Death From Above 1979 VS The Dead Milkmen: Do you really have to ask? Explosions for life? Der! I'm hoping for fireworks as they run through their amazing sonic assaults. No other band emotes so many feelings without uttering a single word. Allow me to leave you with "Your Hand In Mine" as I start prepping my road dogs. See you tomorrow. Take Care Take Care Take Care! Advantage: Explosions in the Sky


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