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Syffal Video Premiere - Everest Cale - Beast

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We're happy to premiere this video from indie outfit, Everest Cale. I fucking love this song. I fucking love the video too. I don’t know what it is. I’m not necessarily blown away, but you don’t need to blow off my argyle socks to make me sleep with you.

I love the measured, easy, deliberate rhythm. It’s like one of those days where you are in traffic and rather than swerving and weaving and flipping people off, you disappear into your own introspective bubble, travelling through your own space content with your thoughts, unhurried.

The melody and songwriting blend into a soaring spurned testament that would fit any relationship montage scene in any coming-of-age story like a love glove. Break out the Fleshlight homeboy, ‘cause it don’t look like she’s coming back.

Everest Cale’s, “Beast,” is like the contemporary, indie rock version of Phil Collins’ “Easy Lover.” And I mean that as a fucking compliment! Su Su Sussudio, bitches!

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