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Stop Sleeping - Dumbo Gets Mad, You Walk Through Walls, Coco Rosie, Thieves, Tora Tora, Battle of the Bands & Gigamesh

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By: Staff
Dumbo Gets Mad, Walk Through Walls, Coco Rosie, Thieves, Tora Tora

As mentioned last week, we started SYFFAL so we could salivate over the music we love and shout at the top of our lungs about how it made us feel, whether it was nostalgic, melancholy, or just straight up aroused.

We cherish the music that moves us and feel the artists that create this music deserve to be showered with praise, and being that most of us are former artists we know how good praise, especially well after the fact, feels.

So that is why we started this column, and it is why we cover new albums and artists as well as old, because despite the industry standard (which is understandable due to budget constraints) that albums are only pushed for 3 months, we know that once something is released into the world it is eternal, there is no expiration date on and something from 5, 10, 20, shit 50 to 100 years ago is still new when it finds fresh ears.

In today’s column, Ted Singer takes us even further down the rabbit holes, telling us to STOP SLEEPING on the sheer joy of music and the process, unfortunately his video did not have an embedded code, but please be sure to click the link and be transported to an era long gone, but the joy and the thrill of the music is just as important then as it is now. 

Tom says STOP SLEEPING on Dumbo Gets Mad

 I love shit that is really, really weird. Dumbo Gets Mad dropped this album at the beginning of last year and it ended up on my year end top 10. These trippy Italians are so lo-fi they vibrate my meatballs with their distorted bass and muddied up sound. Listening to this album makes me fell like I'm tripping on acid in some sort of shitty 70's crime drama. The sound is creatively retro and psychedelic. If you allow yourself to swim under the haze of weirdness, you'll find that these are really good songs with some great hooks. I'm not going to lie, Dumbo Get's Mad is not for everybody, but check out the tracks Eclectic Prawn and Plumy Tale to see what you think.

Joel says STOP SLEEPING on You Walk Through Walls

The band is called You Walk Through Walls and the track is called Not Like You At All. If I was a dick I would've written that backwards and had the band be the song and the song be the band, but borks don't understand my humour (see what I did there?). Anywhoo, this song just fucking STARTS, like there is no intro there's just GO. I didn't get the vocals the first time around, but I fucking love the guitar work and the drummer's intensity, and the fact that this song makes me feel like I'm washing my car after school. What does that mean? It means it's fucking rock the way I used to want rock to sound like back when rock was what I wanted without knowing what rock should sound like.

Brandon says STOP SLEEPING on Coco Rosie

I don't know if I'm more disturbed by Coco Rosie's nightmarish beauty, or Tim's hirsute lats. These certifiably weird ass singers are also loaded with more talent than the napkins in my wastebasket. I'm disturbed, turned on, and at the same time in absolute awe of Coco Rosie's video's stunning, twisted and visceral narrative.  


Dick says STOP SLEEPING on Thieves

Go outside and find your nearest hornets nest (you might need to travel to a nearby Jewish summer camp for this). Take the nest, toss it in a big-assed Tupperware(TM) tub, then carefully cut a hole in the top of the tub the size of a silver dollar (make sure you cork it up right away). Every few hours take a piss in the tub through the hole and place a boombox blasting Montell Jordan right up next to it. Shake the tub up every here and there. Two days later, quickly rip the top off of the tub and ride it down an Olympic-sized bobsled track. You have just physically embraced the level of rage expressed by the Chicago hardcore band Thieves. 

Tim says STOP SLEEPING on Tora Tora's Phantom Rider

I know, this shit is like 20 years old so it's kind of hard to sleep on, but I'll be dipped in shit and related to Brandon if this song is bad ass as Fuck. The video looks like it doesn't know what it wants to be. Are they going for late era Tesla, mid-era hair metal, whatever-the-Fuck-era Ugly Kid Joe was? I have no idea. I do know that shit like Tora Tora that dropped right at the end of the reign of hair metal and before the dawn of grunge got lost in the shuffle and usually lumped in with the shitty blues movement that bands like Poison and Warrant sucked on before their plunge into irrelevance, and that is unfair. If the hair on your arm isn't standing up by the time this makes the leap from dreamy ballad to all out epic genre piece at around the 2:10 mark, well than you suck at life.

Del says STOP SLEEPING on Gigamesh

Need to start a party but you're lazy as Fuck? Try out Gigamesh's soundcloud. He is an expert remix artist whose song selection runs the gamut from the truly badass (Win Win) to the freaky side of pop (Dee-Lite). There's nothing this dude can't turn into gold. He even got me rocking Foster the People again. That shit takes skill.

Ted says STOP SLEEPING on The 1967 Croton-on-the-Hudson Battle of the Bands

One of the wonders of social media is the increased frequency that long forgotten time capsules will be magically unearthed. Behold pristine Super 8 footage of a 1967 Battle of the Bands from Croton-on-Hudson, a town next to where Tim and I grew up, in suburban NYC. Marvel at the one black kid, with conked hair, doing his best Wilson Pickett in leading his band from behind the keys for 'Midnight Hour'. Watch the bevy of white people, using the era's scripted dances as a much needed crutch, getting jiggy. Best of all, check out the barely bigger than their instruments 13 year olds who are terrible but plow ahead anyway. If you have the patience, there is a heck of a 'Light my Fire' about midway through. Try to imagine an era when the appearance of a moving picture camera didn't result in a mass, knee-jerk reality show audition.

Unfortunately embedding has been disabled on this gem, so click here to be whisked away to the glory of 1967 in the burbs.

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