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DEFTONES @ The Riviera Theatre - Chicago, IL - Saturday April 30, 2011

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By:Roy Wyeth Jr.

I spent most of this past Saturday rounding up supplies across the suburbs without an iPod, which forced me to FM radio for the better part of the afternoon. I tuned into Chicago's Alternative Q101 because I knew they were in cahoots with the Deftones concert I'd be attending that night thanks to the collective Los Angeles awesomeness of a Jamie Coletta, Mallory Jackson & frozen summer treat entrepreneur Rick Gershon.

shit, just that morning I'd checked the station's website to confirm the show time, since not only was I permitted access, but also granted photo passes for both Funeral Party & the Deftones. I was pumped!

It's not every Fuckin' day the Deftones play such a small venue. It's not every Fuckin' ever that you get to catch 'em in front of the first row!

I heard Minerva on the radio around 2pm, which I found ironic given the discussion I'd just had with Deftones drummer, Abe Cunningham, a week or so prior. The DJ once again confirmed that 7:30pm start time that damn near fucked up my entire evening.

By the time I got to The Riv it was approaching 7 o'clock. I figured I was early. When I secured my passes and nonchalantly rolled into the theatre, I recognized the jam coming from the stage area immediately. It was my beloved Funeral Party and what the Fuck was going on!?!?

I scrambled to get my shit together, but by the time I reached the front pit access area, they were wrapping up their 3rd song before the show was even listed to start and I was immediately banished to the outskirts until Deftones.

deftones, chino moreno

The Dillinger Escape Plan played for the next hour. They scream a lot. The anger in the air forced me to booze. I boozed hard.

I pondered many things. I wanted to punch many people.

SYFFAL will be back for you Funeral Party, I can promise you that... SYFFAL will be back!!!

As 9pm approached I finally made my way back up front and set up shop. The primitive radio gods shined down immediately as I saw a photographer in a Q101 jacket denied access to the pit because he didn't have the exclusive Deftones pass.

My world was back in balance... realigned right as diamonds reign across the sky...

Deftones came out with a vengeance. Fist fights broke out, beer cans flew, mosh pits & crowd surfing erupted and didn't subdue until the house lights came back on some two hours later.

Chino Moreno maneuvered the stage like a 20-something skater in his prime. I've never heard the band sound better.

Deftones are a fierce & well oiled machine right now. I feel sorry for whoever attempts to follow 'em at Lollapalooza... It could be sad, and I, for one, probably won't stick around to find out.

Overall grade for the show: BFA - BAD fucking ASS

SETLIST: Diamond Eyes, Rocket Skates, Birthmark, Engine No. 9, Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away), My Own Summer (Shove It), Digital Bath, Korea, Knife Party, Hexagram, Minerva, Bloody Cape, You've Seen The Butcher, Sextape, Beauty School, Feiticeira, Elite, Change (In the House of Flies), Passenger, Back To School (Mini Maggit)

ENCORE: Root, 7 Words

For all things Deftones visit their official website, Facebook & Twitter.


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