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Bandcamp Artist of the Week: Carry the Tradition

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By: Brandon Backhaus
Bandcamp Artist of the Week: Carry the Tradition

Carry the Tradition recently submitted their album, Garbage to us. On a whim, I went ahead and clicked on the email the moment I got it. I usually put all Syffal submissions into a side folder and check out when I have time. Which recently seems like never.

I don’t know what possessed me to go see what was up with this band but I’m tickled shitty that I did. Because I fell in love a li’l bit.

Garbage takes me back to those days farting around my friend Bryce’s living room trying haphazardly to start a metal band. Or later, at my friend Erik’s taking turns DJing while we made out with chicks on thrift store couches and spray-painted the walls of his garage.

There is innocence in the music that makes me feel nostalgic.

I don’t know much about these guys, aside from what they wrote about being clowns in Puerto Rican rodeos and body doubles for Michael Cera in Scott Pilgrim Saves the World, but they seem like a bunch of dudes doing it for the love of the music.

Carry the Tradition probably have jobs, families, same-sex partners, but there were these few years in college, between boning girls with hairy armpits and binge masturbating to pictures of girls with hairy armpits, when it all came together and they actually recorded some tunes. This is a testament to that moment when the music became more than a hobby, and I’m happy to help it along wherever it’s headed.

The jammy laziness to their grooves, and the lo-fi (read crappy) recording give the whole things a fuzzy cuddliness that makes you wanna Facebook stalk an old girlfriend and take her to the Santa Monica Pier and have one last dance with Mary Jane. It also has an adolescent rebelliousness to it that makes me want to hop the fence of my local high school and smoke a cigarette in the bathroom, or spray paint “Piaget is MY BITCH” in shitty handwriting while simultaneously pissing along the same wall. Ride my skateboard in a designated “no skateboarding” mini-mall parking lot, bro!

You know that lighthearted kid shit - nothing that’ll hurt anybody. But that shit that’ll make me feel better about everything and potentially get me a slap on the wrist, or at my age some hefty fines.

There is nothing particularly amazing about Carry the Tradition, it’s more the aesthetic. We at Syffal are huge softies for musicians. At least musicians who tag their music and don’t act like royal Hershey turds. We are/were struggling, semi or otherwise, professional musicians. We know how hard it is to get your music noticed.

We know there aren’t any more A and R guys scoping out talent at your local shithole. You gotta do all that shit first, and by yourself, with your own money, and we’re happy to give a little band a little nudge and a white guy high five for fucking making something. These guys are talented and deserve to be heard. They probably won’t be your favorite new band, but they aren’t trying to be.

We hope that this little dick-faced article will help the music to keep going wherever it is headed and reassure notoriously self-defacing artists that they’re talented and somebody, no matter how old, or fat, or hairy, or white like their music, and want to share their record.

So that being said, go download this Garbage.

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