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Blockhead, 80' TV Themes, 90's TV Themes, Mashup

Blockhead - The worst thing ever - 80's 90's TV Theme Mashup

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Blockhead Week at SYFFAL has been awesome, featuring a review of his latest album on Ninjatune, an interview where we learned he hates Reggie too, this badass TV Theme Smash Mashup, and hopefully Block can spell correctly for tomorrow's Trending Topics. What's awesome about Blockhead, besides the music, is that he's as self-deprecating as the rest of us, but he's actually funny, which is hard to do.

When I asked him to pony up a Pop Cultures Collide he wrote back almost immediately, saying "Can I do a mash up of a half dozen or more TV show themes?", to which I responded "I fucking dare you pooballs".

He came through, and it's fucking hilarious, yet like a true asshole producer, he doesn't like it. But Fuck Blockhead, he doesn't have to love it, we do.

And we do.

Can you pick out all the awesome? Can you hear piece from Three's Company, Good Times, Mr. Belvedere, Family Ties, the Harlem Globetrotters, Reading Rainbow, Charles In Charge, and Facts of Life?


A Word from Blockhead

I like the title "The worst thing ever". Basically, I just tried to cram as much of my childhood tv loving life in as I could. All the shows I sampled are ones that I watched. Charles in Charge 4 lyfe.

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