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STOP SLEEPING: Ben Enalo, Psychic Twin, Toe, Skeetwood Mac, Jayk Gallagher, RacecaR, Salome, Matty Slims

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By: Staff
Ben Enalo, Psychic Twin, Toe, Skeetwood Mac, Jayk Gallagher, RacecaR, Salome

Welcome back to our weekly installment of STOP SLEEPING, your one stop shop for all that is new and least to us. 

This week has been an intesting week for me, I have had this underlying edge of pissy-ness that has been hiding out just below the surface. This is what lead to the back and forth with Blockhead that was the basis of our SNL debate, it has caused me to make fun of every album that Del has sent out over the last week and I even told a few kids to get off my lawn!

So in an attempt to get out of this funk I am going to unload it all now, hopefully next week I will be back to my old rose-colored self, either that or drunk. 

  • Local news is driving me nuts, the only thing that is actually news is the weather and sports, and our NBC guy sucks (I only watch NBC news, if you go elsewhere I consider you a traitor or worse, a 9/11 truther).
  • Del and his fucking hyper links and GIFs. Every email has 7 of each, its like he has a quota. 
  • My brother only wears hoodies....seriously bro, what the Fuck? Get a dress shirt, you're almost 40.
  • Joel refuses to return my text messages (in all fairness they are dick pics....and they are not pics of my dick...thanks internet and Brett Favre)
  • I have quit eating Gummy Bears cold turkey and now I want to punch every 3rd Ukranian 'tween in my hood in the face.
  • Battlestar Galactica. Yeah I am late, but why does everyone look like the poor man versions of someone else?
  • I am constantly cold since I lost weight, being fat makes winter bearable, I finally understand you middle 'Merica.
  • If another person tells me how funny the New Girl is I am going to snap. I hate having to write off friends for their terrible taste...I bet you people thought Crash was a great movie. 

Whew...I feel much better now. Thanks for letting me vent. As always we hope you enjoy our selections and please STOP SLEEPING on these artists.



Tim says STOP SLEEPING on Ben Enalo

Ben Enalo is a gigantic sack of delicious and sensual sound, that is as easy as it is intense. Hailing out of Hudson, NY Ben Enalo creates a sound that feels as though it was plucked out of the surrounding scenary. Just far enough of way from NYC that it retains the sensibility of the the boroughs but far enough removed that you can get lost elements and beauty of the area. Ben's sound bridges the gap between the two; with a blend of strings, keys and guitars that swell and circle, every shifting with the winds and the lo-fi vocals and drums that sound plucked out of EL-P's arsenal of sounds. His EP Thinking Lowly from High Places drips with delicate colors and emotions yet retains a harder edge, an edge that comes with life experience. The shit is epic yo!

Tom says STOP SLEEPING on Psychic Twin

Maybe I've been listening to too many of the Skeetwood Mac mash-ups that Del sent me earlier in the week (see Del's Entry), but lately it seems that everything is either influenced, sampled, re-mixed, or mashed up from classic Fleetwood Mac tracks. Every now and then indie music seems to go through these dad rock obsessions; last year around this time I remembered hearing a shit ton of Michael McDonald influenced tracks. Today were are in the midst of a Fleetwood Mac phase and I'd be lying if I said that I'm not enjoying it. This brings me to Psychic Twin, and electro-pop duo out of Chicago. Their second single 'Dream State' sounds a lot like this track called 'Dreams' from this band called...ummm, who is it?....oh yes, Fleetwood Mac. It is so dope..and dare I say dreamy? 

Aaron says STOP SLEEPING on Toe

I'm not one of those annoying Japan-ophiles that suck off the country's sushi flavored dick until it bukkakes anime and JPop all over my face, but there is some damn good music stuffs goin' on across the Pacific pond in Mario land. Take Toe, for example. Since I heard of them a few years back they seem like they've started to gain something of a following, if only, at best, a cult one. The music they play is decidedly post-rock, eschewing, most notably, any trace of vocals in the grand majority of their songs. What we get instead are complex, multi-layered soundscapes from four guys, two guitars, a bass, and a drummer. And damn, do they play it tight. The songs are organized so that each instrument shines and will make you, the humble listener, nod your head all heroin-addict like, because it's orgasmic. Ultimately, the best thing I can compare them to is SYFFAL favorite Dietrich, the band of Argentine Mexicans that have been making our ears wet for the last while. Probably one of the most perfect concert line-ups ever would be Dietrich and Toe playing together, though there would be cum stains just everywhere by the end of the night, and everybody would get pregnant. SOMEBODY MAKE IT HAPPEN! 

Del says STOP SLEEPING on Skeetwood Mac

To dove tail what Tommy talked about may I present to you Skeetwood Mac's delicious brand of mom jean mash ups. I haven't been this over the moon over a single serving mash up marriage since i rocked the Wugazi mixes till my ears bled. Inspired themed mash ups are always more impressive than just the run of the mill "let me throw a bunch of shit against the wall and see what sticks" mixes that pepper the internet air waves. Sticking with one band requires disciple dedication, and an insane ability to break down the details and find the common bond. This is god damn art and anyone else who says otherwise is a dick. A big huge flopping dick. Go get at this free EP NOW!  

Brando says STOP SLEEPING on Jayk Gallagher

Jayk Gallagher is probably the person that I SHOULD have at least met the most in LA. Dude is everywhere. He's a actor acting and doing his acting thing, he's a comedian comedying and doing his comedy thing, he's a rapper rapping and doing his rap thing, he's in a band banding and doing band things. From projects with beat celebrity, Always Prolific, to shows with hip hop's everyman VerBS, to a zillion commercial and bit parts, to his band Hobart With Fink, the reason we ain't hung out is because I can't keep up with dude. Most people say they don't know how I keep my hands in all them cookie jars, but Jayk got his hands, and his feet, and his schwang, and his glasses in a jar somewhere. Fuck it, dude might actually be the cookie jar! Whoa, mind blown! Pshhhow! Download, Seismic, JG's latest little EP full o'rappin'. It's dope! 

Joel says STOP SLEEPING on RacecaR

Racecar is one of my favorite rappers on the planet. He moved to Paris or some shit, and he randomly sends me things, but I want him and everyone else out in the internet to remember how fucking amazing this dude's voice is. I've told him he's one of my favorites before, but I don't think I've ever taken the time to scream RACECAR PUT OUT MORE MUSIC YOU BASSASTARD! Dude's flow is fucking conversational, relaxed and effortless. If this dude puts out more music soon, you will be crushed under my incessant boasting about my manlove for this dude's smartistry. YEAH, SMARTISTRY BRO. RACECAR I LOVE YOU DUDE. 

Dick says STOP SLEEPING on Salome

As far as somewhat recent doom metal band recommendations goes, Salome consistently makes their way into the top of my mental list. The reason I'm specifying "mental" is that no one actually ASKS me what my favorite doom bands worth checking out these days are. Nope, the only kind of question I ever seem to get these days is "No." (which, while not truly a question, often gets said in such an insulting tone that it might be misconstrued as such). Anyway, give this a listen and see why I deem it worthy. It is pretty damn slow and even when it picks up the pace, it is sort of like the dickhead on the highway who speeds up for 10 seconds to pass you and then returns to his previous glacial pace. Oh, and yes, most of those vocals are done by a nice lady. 



Employee says STOP SLEEPING on Matty Slims

Matty Slims is a smoothed-out ceremonial master hailing from the almighty San Jose with just enough rugged nuggets to still make mom uncomfortable. Being no stranger to the track (having helmed several solo endeavors) he cruises in the lane that shows convention its middle finger while exhaling. 2012's "The Sunset District EP" put $leemz (a/k/a Matty Slims) on my radar; fattened synths, wobbly high-hats, sauntering kicks, and Matty Slims sitting in his throne; holding court over his relaxed kingdom. In the meantime sink your ears into this collaboration with SYFFAL favorite Opski Chan.

Matty Slims' Bandcamp
Matty Slim's Twitter

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