One Song


This Ole King

Brandon Backhaus | January 5, 2017

You only get one life. 

And it might take the whole damn thing to come to terms with it. Admitting your faults and fears and insecurities is really fucking hard. 

I find the balance between striving for betterment and feeling content to be a high wire walk over the churning insides of a violent cauldron. Leaning too far in either direction leads to the disarray of complete depression. It’s something that can leave you feeling not good enough, attractive enough, kind enough, competent enough, worthy enough.


You only get one life. 

And I really want to live it. 

Fuck New Year’s Resolutions! But if I was going to set a goal for the future, it would be to become more comfortable in my own hair-covered skin. To look in the mirror and see all that I’ve accomplished instead of all that I haven’t. To see myself as the good person I have always been and am working hard to become, and not the person who has caused hurt by lashing out at his own shortcomings. 

I need to say thank you to Yoni Wolf and the cast of Why?. Their new track, “This Ole King” caused the sulfurous vapors of insecurity to dissipate into the fresh air of the future. It’s a reminder that music is and can be medicine. 

Thank you. 

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