One Song

Flora Cash

Sadness Is Taking Over

Joel Frieders | November 11, 2016

Holy. Fuck.

Flora Cash now sounds like a non-whimpering Bon Iver fronting an acoustic electric version of Portishead that is just as moody as the original, but holy fuck I had never considered that matchup, but DAAAAAMN THIS IS PERF!

If I wasn't already seated, I'd have to sit down for this shit. "Sadness Is Taking Over" is sort of the perfect song for right now, when nothing else really seems real, but sad is really the only thing I'm sure I'm feeling. I am a complete fucking puddle when it comes to songs that make me shut the fuck up, and I am a goddamn MIME at this point. 


If you needed a reason to shut the fuck for a minute...
If you needed a reason to forget how to speak for a minute...
If you needed another excuse to keep your goddamn opinions to your fucking self for a minute...

Go listen to this three times and then hug yourself real tight after, because you deserve both: the sorrow and the warmth.