One Song


If I Could Be Your Girl

Joel Frieders | November 14, 2016

No fucking clue who this woman is besides her being the vessel that just delivered a whole bunch of hormonal nostalgia of being a 14 year old kid listening to Sarah McLachlan's Fumbling Towards Ecstacy.

Holy shit, can you hear that?

Sarah was the first woman I knew only by what her voice did to me on the inside. Aces seems like the modern version of that sort of hazy chill that November mornings are known for, but holy hell does this voice make me want to hump a pillow or steal a glance towards that next door neighbor girl with the super hot tight rolled jeans. 

"If I Could Be Your Girl" is the equivalent of three nights of steady nocturnal emissions, two days of forgetting to put on deodorant after gym class, and one unbelievably confused and horny high school freshman who doesn't know what to do with all of these new feels and odors and sticky shit everywhere that doesn't rinse off in hot water.

Aces, jesus balls on a bent over barmaid washing highballs glasses in a three basin sink, this is fucking PERFECT.