One Song



Brandon Backhaus | January 5, 2017

Next sunny day, as the winter blanket of clouds and cold offers a respite, as the bitter and hopeless glances at checking account balances fade to paydays, as the shit show of 2016 gives way to a new year full of stout resolutions and hopeful commitments, hop in whatever vehicle you have acquired in your life as your main form of transportation. Maybe the windows are down and you get your teenage girl on. Maybe headphones are atop your head as you hop on your bike and channel a Goonie or two. Maybe you put on some New Balance, jog out the door and get in touch with your inner Forrest Gump. 

Whatever the means, however you listen, when you press play make sure that the track that comes streaming into the holes on the side of your head vibrating tiny bones and causing sound to enter your brain and the rest of your noggin to gloriously nod is Oddisee’s new feel-good jam, “Things”. 

I’m sitting in a hotel room in New Orleans and skipping what I came here to do to write this to you. I love this song and have listened to it over and over. It makes me wanna skip and snap along with its uptempo, “Things I’m going throooouuuuugh!” 

It’s the first track off of Oddisee’s new record Iceberg, out February 24th. And. I. Can’t. Wait. “Things” manages to contain the positive and ascendant vibe I’ve come to adore about Oddisee's raps and production and only adds more on top like when the waiter sprinkles parmesan cheese on top of your spaghetti and tells you to say when and you sit back in your chair and cross your arms and don’t.