One Song

Dead Sea


Joel Frieders | February 23, 2017

I clicked play on this sumbitch this morning after my kids got on the bus. It's been unseasonably warm, the windows are still all dew-ey, the sun was coming up to my right, and I'm only wearing my trademark hoodie and jeans as I drive myself to work. 

Simply put, it's fucking comfortable outside righ meow. 

Yet, the sad part, that most conscious humans on earth understand, is that we're experiencing this shift in seasons because we've been steady dicks to the environment.

This song, "8.50", from Dead Sea has that sort of shimmering comfortable sweatpants and tube top pleasure laid out as a sort of framework for the track, but then the vocal is that odd sort of hopeless and meek murmur, somehow making the juxtaposition of the two sides the focal point of the track. 

I fucking adore both how this track makes me feel and the idea of wearing sweatpants all the time. 

Fuck yeah sweatpants. Fuck yea Dead Sea.

Fuck you climate change.